Rockman X2

Rockman X2

The second of glory. This is the Rockman/Mega Man X2 Japanese Script translation and its comparison to the English script. I really like this one. It’s been some time since the defeat of Sigma in part 1, but the Irregulars/Mavericks are still kickin’, now being headed by mysterious powerful reploids calling themselves the X/Counter-Hunters. They say they have Zero’s parts. What the?! For the dialogue sequences, I split it into sections. First is the English script, as provided by the Megaman Knowledge Base. Then the script in Japanese, some provided by 120Yen then checked by me in-game and the rest (the capsule dialogues, the cutscene-esque dialogues) copied down by me while playing the game. Lastly, what follows is a translation of that Japanese text, by me. It might be a little long to read, because the Japanese and translated scripts are written as they would appear in the game’s dialogue boxes instead of one big paragraph. I tried to go a little less literal with this one as translation practice. Furthermore, there were a couple difficult ones where I mostly understand the Japanese but just had a little trouble putting it into English. Hopefully it reads okay for everyone.


  • Name Changes 変えられた名前
  • Prologue 序章
  • Mysterious Reploids 謎のレプリロイド達
  • Light Capsules ライト博士のカプセル
  • Overdrive Ostrich’s Stage ソニック・オストリーグのステージ
  • Wheel Gator’s Stage ホイール・アリゲイツのステージ
  • Morph Moth’s Stage メタモル・モスミーノスのステージ
  • Crystal Snail’s Stage クリスター・マイマインのステージ
  • X-Hunter Stage カウンター・ハンターのステージ
  • X-Hunter’s Challenge カウンター・ハンターの挑戦
  • The X- Hunters カウンター・ハンター
  • Repairing Zero ゼロの修復
  • X-Hunter Base Discovered カウンター・ハンターの要塞の発見
  • The X-Hunters Rematch カウンター・ハンターとの再戦
  • Sigma’s Voice シグマの声
  • Zero ゼロ
  • Sigma Fight シグマ戦
  • Epilogue 終章


English names to the left, Japanese names to the right.


*Literally “hundred legger”


ENG 英語

It has been 6 months since the destruction of Sigma and little has changed. The Maverick revolt started by Sigma has ended, but Mega Man X and the new generation of Maverick Hunters have yet to destroy all of Sigma’s followers.

Lead by information gained by Dr. Cain, Mega Man X and the rest of the Hunters have tracked the last of the Mavericks to an abandoned Reploid factory. There they hope to wipe out the rest of the resistance. Little do they expect that real war is about to begin…


JPN 日本語

さいきょうのイレギュラー 「シグマ」との たたかいから

エックスは シグマのざんとうの イレギュラーのしょりを
おもなにんむとして かつどうしていた。

きょうも また エックスは ハンターきちからの
しれいをうけイレギュラーが せいぞうされていると される

こうじょうの ちょうさ および はかいのため
なかまの イレギュラーハンターと ともに しゅつどうした。

しかし それはエックスにとってあらたなたたかいへの
プロローグでしか なかった・・・

ロックマンX2 「バーサス カウンターハンター」

Translation 翻訳

It has been half a year after the fight with the strongest Irregular “Sigma”…

X has been mobilizing for the disposal of Sigma’s remaining Irregulars as his main mission.

Today as well, X has mobilized upon orders from Hunter Base, together with a fellow Irregular Hunter in order to investigate and destroy a factory where Irregulars are being manufactured.

However, for X that was nothing more than the prologue towards a whole new battle…

Rockman X2 [Versus Counter Hunters]



ENG 英語

Serges: This is their leader. His name is Mega Man X.

Violen: Those who underestimated him are now nothing but scrap.

Agile: We won’t make the same mistake. He is powerful, but he is blind to what is happening around him.

Serges: Our Mavericks will keep him busy until we are ready.

Agile: Yes. How is the plan proceeding?

Serges: Collection is proceeding as scheduled. However, we are having problems with the control chip.

Agile: We have little time. We must finish construction on schedule. We must hurry…

JPN 日本語

Serges: やつが エックスなのか・・・ なるほど なかなか

Violen: フン!たいしたことないぜ!

Agile: たしかに かれの のうりょくは きけんですね。
いまのうちに たおして しまわなくては・・・

Serges: こやつの しょりは わしらの ぶかに

Agile: ・・・ところで あのレプリロイドが かんせいするのに

Serges: パーツは ほぼ かんせいして いるのじゃが
・・・せいぎょかいろが ふかんぜんなのじゃ。

Agile: わたしたちの もくてきのためには
あのレプリロイドのちからが ひつようなのです。


Translation 翻訳

Serges: So that’s X…? I see. He can handle himself pretty well.

Violen: Hmph! He’s nothin’ special.

Agile: Indeed, his abilities are rather dangerous. We must defeat him while we still have the chance.

Serges: Perhaps we should try leaving the disposal of this one to our subordinates.

Agile: By the way, how much time will it take until that Repliroid is completed?

Serges: The parts are nearly completed, but… the control circuits are imperfect.

Agile: That Repliroid’s strength is necessary for our objectives.

We must hurry…



Overdrive Ostrich’s Stage ソニック・オストリーグのステージ

ENG 英語

Dr. Light: Mega Man X, enter the capsule. This enhancement will modify your main drive unit. With it you will be able to dash while in mid-air. Use it wisely, Mega Man X.

JPN 日本語

Dr. Light: エックス このカプセルに

ここでは ジャンプりょくを
パワーアップ させるパーツを

くうちゅうで ダッシュする
ことが できるように

Translation 翻訳

Dr. Light: X, enter this capsule.

Here I will grant you parts that will power up your jump abilities.

You should become able to jump while in mid-air.


Wheel Gator’s Stageホイール・アリゲイツのステージ

ENG 英語

Dr. Light: Mega Man X, enter the capsule. This enhancement will modify your X-Buster. With it you will be able to charge energy in both arms at once. This enables you to do a Double-Shot or to charge any weapon!

JPN 日本語

Dr. Light: エックス このカプセルに


りょうてに エネルギーをためて
れんぞくで こうげきすること
ができる ダブルチャージじゃ。


Translation 翻訳

Dr. Light: X, enter this capsule.

I will grant you parts that will further power up your charge shot.

It’s a Double Charge that allows you to perform attacks consecutively by gathering energy in both arms.

By charging up every shot type you will be able to dish out very powerful attacks.


Morph Moth’s Stageメタモル・モスミーノスのステージ

ENG 英語

Dr. Light: Mega Man X, enter the capsule. This enhancement will modify your body armor. With it you will be able absorb damage and transfer it into explosive weapon energy.

JPN 日本語

Dr. Light: エックス このカプセルに

ここでは パワーアップした
ボディパーツを さずけよう。

てきからの ダメージを
ぶきエネルギーに かえて

Translation 翻訳

Dr. Light: X, enter this capsule.

Here I will grant you powered up body parts.

The damage you take from enemies you can turn into weapon energy and explode it outwards.


Crystal Snail’s Stageクリスター・マイマインのステージ

ENG 英語

Dr. Light: Mega Man X, enter the capsule. This enhancement will modify your radar optics. It uses some energy, but with it you will be able to see objects that you could not see before. Good luck, Mega Man.

JPN 日本語

Dr. Light: エックス このカプセルに

ここでは あらたな め
となる パーツをあたえよう。

さまざまな ばしょで
しようすると かくされた
アイテムを みつけることが

がんばるのだぞ エックス・・・

Translation 翻訳

Dr. Light: X, enter this capsule.

Here I will give you parts that will become new eyes. It’s a radar that uses your energy.

If you use it on all sorts of places, you will be able to find hidden items.

Do your best, X…

X-HUNTER STAGE (Shoryuken) カウンター・ハンターのステージ(昇竜拳)

ENG 英語

Dr. Light: Wow! You are so cool! I’m not worthy!!! I’m not worthy!!! Step inside for a special surprise!

JPN 日本語

Dr. Light: よくぞ ここまできた!!
こんかいのわざは これだ!
ほれ!さっさと はいるのじゃ。

Translation 翻訳

Dr. Light: Good, you’ve done well to make it here! X! The ability this time is this! Here! Get in here at once.


X-HUNTER’S CHALLENGE カウンター・ハンターの挑戦

ENG 英語

Agile: I see now why Sigma fell at the hands of Mega Man X. He is quite formidable.

Serges: I am not sure our Mavericks can hold him long enough. We may have to intervene.

(Maverick Hunter base.)

X: Dr. Cain! What happened?!

Dr. Cain: A group of Mavericks calling themselves the X-Hunters have just contacted us…

Serges: Greetings. We have all of Zero’s parts.

Violen: They can be yours, if you defeat us!

Agile: We look forward to meeting you, X!

Dr. Cain: X, Zero’s control chip is still stored here. I doubt it is possible to resurrect him without it.

X: Dr. Cain, I’ve got to get Zero’s parts back, at any cost!

JPN 日本語

Agile: ・・・エックスめ!

・・・さすがに いちどとはいえ シグマさまを
たおしただけのことは ありますね。

Serges: ぶかだけに まかしては おけんのう・・・
ちょくせつ わしらのてで たおすしかないか。



X: ケインはかせ!なにか およびですか?

Dr. Cain: カウンターハンターとなのる イレギュラーから
つうしんが はいったのじゃ。

Serges: ・・・ ・・・ガガ・・・ ガガガ
ロック・・・ エ・・・クス・・・

・・・ゼロのパーツは ワシラが てにいれた

Agile: エックス、あなたひとりで わたしたちに
あいに きてください。

Violen: おまえが おれたちに かてれば
ゼロのパーツを かえしてやるぜ!

Agile: たのしみに していますよ・・・

Dr. Cain: このきちに ゼロのこうどうを せいぎょする
コントロールパーツを ほけんしておるのじゃ。

ゆえに やつらは そうかんたんに
ゼロを さいせいすることはできないはずじゃ。

X: ケインはかせ
ゼロのパーツは おれが とりもどします!

Translation 翻訳

Agile: …that damn X!

…well, even if it was only once, he has defeated Sigma-sama before.

Serges: Perhaps we shouldn’t leave it just to our subordinates…

We must defeat him by our own hands.


(Irregular Hunter Base)

X: Dr. Cain! Is there something you’ve called me for?

Dr. Cain: A transmission has come from Irregulars calling themselves the Counter Hunters

Serges: … …crrrk… …bzzzt….Rock…E…cks…

…we have possession of Zero’s parts. If you want to take them back…

Agile: X, please come and meet us, alone.

Violen: If you can beat us, we’ll return Zero’s parts!

Agile: We are looking forward to it…X…

Dr. Cain: The control parts that control Zero’s behaviour are being preserved at this base.

Therefore, they shouldn’t be able to revive Zero so easily.

X: Dr. Cain. I will take back Zero’s parts!


THE X-HUNTERSカウンター・ハンター


ENG 英語

Serges: I am Serges and I cannot allow you to stop the unification! It is for the good of all!

(X defeats Serges.)

Serges: You have merely delayed the inevitable. We will meet again…

(Serges leaves)

You got Zero Part No. 1!

JPN 日本語

Serges: ワシのなは サーゲスじゃ。
なかなか いきのよさそうな
やつじゃが それも
いつまで もつかのう。


Serges: さすがじゃの・・・
ここはいちど にげると



Translation 翻訳

Serges: My name is Serges. You seem to be quite the spirited one, but I wonder how long you’ll have that as well?

(X wins against Serges)

Serges: Impressive… perhaps I will retreat this time.

(Serges withdraws)

You got Zero’s Head Parts!


Violen バイオレ

ENG 英語

Violen: X, I shall crush you like a tin can!

(X defeats Violen.)

Violen: It cannot be! Now the unification is in jeopardy!

(Violen leaves)

You got Zero Part No. 2!

JPN 日本語

Violen: がははははっ!
このバイオレンさまの パワーで


Violen: ぐぐぐぐっ・・・



Translation 翻訳

Violen: Gahahahaha! I’ll crush and twist you with my power!

(X wins against Violen)

Violen: Gugugugu… where are you hiding such power?!

(Violen withdraws)

You got Zero’s Body Parts!


ENG 英語

Agile: Welcome X. Now your destruction is at hand!

(X defeats Agile.)

Agile: I may have failed, but you will never live to see Zero!

(Agile leaves)

You got Zero Part No. 3!

JPN 日本語

Agile: やはり きましたね


Agile: このわたしを ここまで

あなたを あまく
つぎに あうときをたのしみに



Translation 翻訳

Agile: I see you have come just as I predicted, X…

I, Agile, shall humbly become your opponent.

(X wins against Agile)

Agile: I can’t believe…you’ve pushed me this far!

It would appear I have been underestimating you. I am looking forwards to the next time we meet…

(Agile withdraws)



ENG 英語

(After getting all Zero’s parts)

Dr. Cain: I can try to reactivate Zero to help, but I need more time before you can install his control chip….Try to slow them down! Good luck!

JPN 日本語


Dr. Cain: おお!ついにゼロのパーツを すべて てにいれたのか!
これで ゼロをよみがえらせる ことができるぞ。だが!

すこし じかんがかかりそうだ。もうしばらく
がんばってくれ。たのんだぞ エックス。

Translation 翻訳

(After Zero’s parts have been collected)

Dr. Cain: Ooh! You’ve finally retrieved all of Zero’s parts, have you! With this I can revive Zero. However!

It seems it will take a bit of time. Do your best for a little while longer. I’m counting on you, X.



Collected Zero’s Parts ゼロのパーツが集まっている場合

ENG 英語

Dr. Cain: Mega Man X! I’ve located the X-Hunters’ base! It’s at grid location 00. That’s right at the North Pole!

X: Roger, Dr. Cain! I’m on my way!

Dr. Cain: It will take more time to reactivate Zero…Slow them down, Mega Man X!

JPN 日本語

Dr. Cain: エックス!
カウンターハンターの きちを はっけんしたぞ!

ダブルゼロ ポイント ほっきょくてんだ!

X: わかりました ケインはかせ しゅつどうします。

Dr. Cain: ゼロのしゅうふくには もうすこしじかんが かかる。

Translation 翻訳

Dr. Cain: X! I’ve discovered the Counter Hunter’s base!

Point 00 (double-zero); it’s the North Pole!

X: Understood, Dr. Cain. I’m moving out.

Dr. Cain: It will take a little bit more time for Zero’s repairs. Do your best until then.


Haven’t Collected Zero’s Parts ゼロのパーツが集まっていない場合

ENG 英語

Dr. Cain: I’m sorry X… one of the X-Hunters attacked the base and… took all of Zero’s parts away… They’re going to rebuild Zero at their base. I tracked them to location 00 – the North Pole!

X: I can’t let them tamper with him, Dr. Cain! I’ve got to save him!

JPN 日本語

Dr. Cain: すまん エックス・・・ たったいま カウンターハンターの
ひとりが このきちにあらわれて・・・

ゼロのパーツを すべて うばわれてしまったのじゃ・・・

やつらは じぶんのアジトに もどって
ゼロを イレギュラーとして よみがえらせるつもりじゃ。

カウンターハンターの きちは ダブルゼロポイント

ほっきょくてんに あることが わかったのじゃが・・・

X: ケインはかせ!
おれが ゼロを たすけにいきます!

Translation 翻訳

Dr. Cain: I’m sorry X…just now one of the Counter Hunter’s appeared at this base and…

He stole all of Zero’s parts…

They’ve returned to their hideout and intend on reviving Zero as an Irregular.

I’ve learned that the Counter Hunter base is at Point 00, the North Pole, but..

X: Dr. Cain! I will go save Zero!



(All are after the fight. 全員は戦いの後のセリフ)


ENG 英語

Violen: What?! How could he have overloaded my circuits?! Arrrggghhh…

JPN 日本語

Violen: キサマが オレより


Translation 翻訳

Violen: You tryin’ to tell me that YOU surpass ME?! I can’t believe MY power doesn’t affect you…



Serges サーゲス

ENG 英語

Serges: This is impossible! The prophecy must be fulfilled!

JPN 日本語

Serges: ワシはここで ほろびるのか?

ロボットに またはいぼく
するとは・・・ むねんじゃ・・

Translation 翻訳

Serges: Am I to perish here?

Defeated by Light’s memento robot again… how regretful…


Agile アジール

ENG 英語

Agile: NO!!! This cannot be!! Master, avenge me!

JPN 日本語

Agile: まさか・・・

どうか われわれのかたきを!

Translation 翻訳

Agile: Impossible…this shouldn’t be…

Sigma-sama, please, avenge us!



ENG 英語

Sigma: It has been a while, Mega Man X.

X: What?! Sigma!!

Sigma: It seems that the X-Hunters have failed. But don’t worry, I’ve arranged for some new toys for you to play with…

JPN 日本語

Sigma: ・・・
ひさしぶりだな エックス。

X: ・・・!シグマか!

Sigma: ・・・
どうやら カウンターハンターの
さくせんも しっぱいのようだ。
だが あんしんしたまえ。

おまえのために たのしい
しゅこうを よういしてある


Translation 翻訳

Sigma: It’s been a while, X.

X: …! Sigma?!

Sigma: Evidently, it would seem the Counter Hunter’s strategy has also failed. However, be at ease.

A fun plan has been prepared just for you. I’m waiting at the Central Computer.



Collected Zero’s Parts ゼロのパーツが集まっている場合

ENG 英語

Sigma: Look who I found wandering around, Mega Man! My friend here has a small problem with you. It seems that you let him die, and he’s not too happy about that! I think it’s time he repays the favor!

(Zero appears and destroys Copy Zero)

Zero: Sigma, you should have studied the blueprints closer! There is only one Zero!

Sigma: Wait, Zero! I know your secret! You were destined to follow me!

Zero: Maybe so, but I still don’t like you!

Sigma: Fine. If you will not follow me, then I’ll watch you die once again!

(Sigma runs away)

X: Zero!

Zero: Sorry to keep you waiting, Mega Man X. The greetings will have to wait. We’ve got to defeat all the Mavericks including Sigma! I’ll take care of the main computer, and you follow Sigma. Let’s go!

Here it is, X! Sigma lies just ahead!

JPN 日本語

Sigma: ひさしぶりだな エックス
このひを まちわびていたぞ。


むかしの なかまどうし


Zero: シグマ!おれの コピーにしては
できが よくないようだな。

Sigma: おのれ ゼロ!
なぜきさまは わたしに
キバを むける!!


Zero: おれは おまえが

Sigma: チィ!


X: ゼロ!

Zero: エックス またせたな。
だが あいさつはあとだ!


おれは このきちの

エックス! おまえはシグマを

ここだ! エックス!
このさきのへやに シグマの
ほんたいが あるぞ!

Translation 翻訳

Sigma: It’s been a while, X. I have been eagerly awaiting this day.

Let’s do introductions. He is my new partner.

Old comrades, fight it out to your heart’s content.

(Zero appears and destroys Copy Zero)

Zero: Sigma! That copy of me seems to be poorly made.

Sigma: You bastard, Zero! Why do you defy me?!

Your true enemy should not be me.

Zero: It’s because I don’t like you.

Sigma: Tch!

(Sigma withdraws)

X: Zero!

Zero: Sorry to have kept you waiting, X. But greetings are for later! Right now we have to

defeat Sigma! I will destroy this base’s main computer.

X! You chase after Sigma!

It’s here! X! The next room is where Sigma’s true form is!


Didn’t Collect Zero’s Parts ゼロのパーツが集まっていない場合

ENG 英語

Sigma: Look who I found wandering around, Mega Man X! My friend here has a small problem with you. It seems that you let him die, and he’s not too happy about that! Now I think it is time he repays the favor!

(X fights Zero and wins)

X: Zero…

Zero: ….

X: Do you remember me?

Zero: Yeah… I guess so… Sorry to cause you so much trouble. X, you need to go after Sigma! I’ll try and destroy the main computer.

X: Take care of yourself, Zero. I don’t have time to put you back together again!

Zero: I’ll be OK. Get going, X!

Here it is, X! Sigma lies just ahead!

JPN 日本語

Sigma: ひさしぶりだな エックス
このひを まちわびていたぞ。


むかしの なかまどうし


X: ゼロ・・・

Zero: ・・・エックスか?

X: ! きおくが もどったのか

Zero: ああ・・・ おまえには
ずいぶん めいわくを

エックス! おまえはシグマを

おれは このきちの

X: しぬきか! ゼロ!!

Zero: おれなら だいじょうぶだ

ここだ! エックス!
このさきのへやに シグマの
ほんたいが あるぞ!

Translation 翻訳

Sigma: It’s been a while, X. I have been eagerly awaiting this day.

Let’s do introductions. He is my new partner.

Old comrades… fight it out to your heart’s content.

(X fights with Zero and wins)

X: Zero…

Zero: …X?

X: ! Has your memory returned? Zero!

Zero: Yeah… looks like I caused quite a bit of trouble for you, huh.

X! You chase after Sigma.

I will destroy the Main Computer!

X: Do you intend on dying? Zero!

Zero: I’ll be fine. Hurry up and go!

It’s here! X! The next room is where Sigma’s true form is!



ENG 英語

Sigma: You are merely a bothersome insect, Mega Man X! It is about time that I crush you beneath my heel!

(X battles Sigma and wins)

Sigma: Mega Man X, I have lost to you again… Each defeat only makes me stronger and serves to bring you closer to your ultimate doom! But, something is not right… I… don’t quite understand… Why did Zero…he is… last… of the doctor’s creations…Arrrrrggggghhhhh…

JPN 日本語

Sigma: どこまでも わたしのじゃまを

ならば パワーアップした
このシグマが みずから
きさまを やみに


Sigma: エックス・・・


えることが できる。

きさまの しょうりなどほんの

しかし ゼロはなぜ・・・
やつは・・・ さいごの・・・
ワイ・・ ナン・・・ズの・・・


Translation 翻訳

Sigma: Do you plan on interfering with me up to the end…? X!

If that is the case, how about I personally bury you in darkness with this powered-up form!

(X fights Sigma and wins)

Sigma: X…

It appears I have lost this time, as well.

…however, I can revive over and over again and gain new power.

Your victory is just for the time being!

But, Zero, why…he’s…the last of…Wi…num…ers…




ENG 英語

Joined by his friend Zero, Mega Man X gazes out over the sea. Sigma has once again been destroyed, but X wonders if the fighting will truly end. Was Dr. Light’s dream of a world in which Reploids and humans lived together in peace merely a dream? The price of peace is often high, X thinks to himself. Who or what must be sacrificed for it to become a reality? And when the time comes, will he be able to do it? The future holds the answers or…

JPN 日本語

ふたたびやってきた シグマのきょういをしりぞけ
しんゆう・ゼロを すくいだしたエックス

ハンターとしての にんむをまっとうし
ゼロとみつめる あさひのうみが
エックスの とおいきおくを よびさまそうとする

エックスは かんがえる
つめたいボディから あふれでる あついちからと
あたたかな やすらぎのわけを
にんげんと きかい
あいいれぬ ふたつのせいめいが きょうぞんする
へいわなせかい それはかつて
ひとりのかがくしゃが のぞんでやまなかった

ライトはかせの ねがいを
やがてかれは しることに なるのだろうか

あらたなる たたかいにむけ
ひめられた おおいなるちからを
いまはゆっくりと やすめるがいい

かりそめのものに おわらぬことを いのりながら・・・

Translation 翻訳

He who repelled the menace of the returned Sigma and rescued his best friend Zero, X.

His mission as a hunter accomplished, the sea of the morning sun awakens X’s distant memories.

X ponders the reasons for the burning power overflowing from his cold body and his warm peacefulness. Humans and machines; a peaceful world with two contrasting lives co-existing with each other: at one time, that was the utopia one scientist never stopped wishing for.

Will the wish for change that Light entrusted him with become something he will know?

X. Facing towards your future battles, for now you should rest that great power hiding within your small presence.

While praying that this time of tranquility isn’t something short-lived…


10 comments on “Rockman X2

  1. How do you get “one year” from はんとし?
    I thought I’d use this as a cheat sheet but I clearly can’t trust it.

    • Good catch, that’s totally half a year. Derp. Thanks.
      Your choice if you want to dive straight into not trusting it due to a small instance of poor proofreading as the rest is pretty fine meaning-wise (still could just use some touches to make it cleaner). The other main one floating around is leagues worse.
      But this serves as a good spur to clean this up this weekend.

  2. Hey, I’m interested in your stuff. I like to translate the same things about localization (and I love Rockman) and found your translations pretty good. I would translate them pretty similarly. I’d love to help you with your Rockman translations and analysis if I have time. Please let me know and I can give you my email address. Thanks!


    • Hey, thanks, that means a lot. Sorry for late response – I am bad at having down times, lol.
      A lot of the older ones I wanna rewrite, because while the goal was to go for super literal, I wanna attempt a “re-localization” sometime to make them actually smooth and stuff. When I do please let me know what you think!

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