Rockman 8

The 8th of original glory. This game doesn’t seem to have much hype surrounding it (like 7), but it is (just like all the others) quite good and fun. It, like X4, had anime cutscenes to add to the YUM in a time where Rockman was at its peak in terms of production values. Are there many differences besides Elmer Fudd Dr. Light? We’ll see!


Megaman vs Bass ロックマン対フォルテ
Opening Stage オープニングステージ
Mystery of the Energy エネルギーの謎
Duo Fight デューオ戦
Wily Tower Discovered ワイリータワー発見
Bass Fight フォルテ戦
Wily Fight ワイリー戦
Parting Gift 餞別
Cut & Wood カット&ウッド

Megaman vs Bass ロックマン対フォルテ

ENG 英語

Bass: Mega Man, today we finish this!

Mega Man: Hey Bass, why must I fight you? We are not enemies!

Bass: Shut up!

(Bass gets knocked into a building. Roll appears)

Roll: Mega Man!

Mega Man: Roll!

Roll: Mega Man, hurry! You must come with me!

Bass: You can’t leave yet!

(Bass tries to fire, but his Buster is caught in a bunch of wires.)

Mega Man: Rush Jet! Bass, we’ll have to take care of this some other time.

Bass: No! Don’t run away, coward. You’ll pay for this insult. I’ll be back…

Mega Man: Dr. Light, what is the problem?

Dr. Light: A strange meteor has struck the Earth just a while ago. This meteor seems to be emitting a powerful energy signature. Something this powerful must not fall into the hands of evil.

Mega Man: I understand, Dr. Light. I’m on it.

Dr. Light: Thank you, Mega Man. If you can, please bring the meteor back.

Mega Man: OK!

JPN 日本語

Forte: ロックマン!今日こそ決着つける!

Rockman: こんな戦いはやめよう!フォルテ!僕はきみと戦う理由はない!

Forte: うるさい!


Roll: ロックマン!

Rockman: ロールちゃん!

Roll: 急いで乗って!

Forte: そうはさせない!


Rockman: ラッシュジェット!フォルテ!勝負をあずけた!

Forte: このかりは必ずかえす。このままでは進まないぞ!

Rockman: 博士、一体何があったんですか。

Dr. Light: 少し前、隕石がこの地球に落下した。これが、その時の映像じゃ。この隕石からは強烈のエネルギー反応は出ているんじゃ。わしは何かいやな予感がするんじゃ。

Rockman: 分かりました。急いで行って、調べてきます。

Dr. Light: うん。もしできるならその隕石を回収してくれ。

Rockman: はい。


Forte: Rockman! Today is the day I settle this!

Rockman: Let’s stop this fight! I have no reason to fight you!

Forte: Shut up!

(Forte crashes into side of building from buster shot)

Roll: Rockman!

Rockman: Roll-chan!

Roll: Hurry up and get in!

Forte: I won’t let you do that!

(Forte’s buster is caught in wires)

Rockman: Rush Jet! …Forte! I’m leaving this match for later!

Forte: I will pay you back for this. It won’t continue like this!

Rockman: Professor, exactly what happened?

Dr. Light: Just a bit ago, a meteorite fell to Earth. This is footage of that time. There is an intense energy reading coming from this meteorite. I have a really bad feeling about it.

Rockman: I understand. I will hurry there and check it out.

Dr. Light: Yes. If you can, collect that meteorite for me.

Rockman: Okay.

Opening Stage オープニングステージ

ENG 英語

Dr. Light: … Megaman! Can you hear me? I’ve searched the island, but can’t find it on any map. It’s a suspicious island. Be careful, Megaman. Your new weapon is ready. Take it with you! It’s called the “Mega Ball”. You can kick it to attack the enemies! It’s a powerful weapon!

Mega Man: Thank you, Dr. Light!

(Mega Man discovers Wily at the crater)

Mega Man: Dr. Wily?! Why are you here?

Dr. Wily: Megaman, so you’ve come! How did you find my secret base? I’m impressed! But you’re too late! I’ve just found something that’s more powerful than this base! Ha! Ha! Ha! Now the world is mine! Gotcha!

(Dr. Wily flies away)

Mega Man: Wait! Wily! I’ve got to go after him!

(Mega Man sees a damaged robot)

Mega Man: What’s this? A robot? … It’s still alive. I must help it!

(Rush appears again with another message from Dr. Light)

Dr. Light: …man! Megaman! Can you hear me!? Is anything going on?

Mega Man: Yes, Dr.! I’ve found a robot.

Dr. Light: What? Okay, I understand! I’ll go there and pick it up. You go after Wily!

JPN 日本語

Dr. Light: ・・・ロックマン、きこえるか?そのしまについていろいろとしらべたのじゃが、どのちずにものっておらんのじゃ。あやしいしまじゃからきをつけるんじゃぞ、ロック。それから、さきほど新しい武器が完成したのでもっていきなさい!ロックボールといってボールをけっててきをたおす武器じゃ!きっとやくにたつじゃろう。

Rockman: ありがとう、ライト博士!


Rockman: ドクターワイリー!なぜここにいる?

Dr. Wily: ロックマン、もうきたか!よくワシのひみつ基地のばしょがわかったな!しかし、こんな基地よりもっといいものをてにいれさせてもらった。


Rockman: まて!ワイリー!すぐに追わなきゃ!


Rockman: これは・・ロボット?・・まだうごいている。助かるかもしれない!


Dr. Light: ・・マン!ロックマン!きこえるか?

Rockman: はい、博士!ロボットのようなものをはっけんしました!

Dr. Light: なに?わかった!いまからワシがそれを回収しにいく。ロックマンはワイリーを追うのじゃ!

Rockman: わかりました,博士


Dr. Light: …Rockman, can you hear me? I searched up various things about that island, but it’s listed on any maps. It’s a suspicious island, so be careful, Rock. Furthermore, I’ve just completed a new weapon a moment ago, so bring it with you! It’s called the Rock Ball and you kick the ball to defeat enemies! It will most certainly prove useful.

Rockman: Thank you, Dr. Light!

(Rockman finds Dr. Wily and crater)

Rockman: Dr. Wily! Why are you here?

Dr. Wily: Rockman, you’re already here! You figured out the location of my secret base! However, I’ve obtained something that is much better than this base.

(Wily escapes)

Rockman: Wait, Wily! I have to hurry after him!

(Rockman finds a hurt robot)

Rockman: This is…a Robot…? It’s still moving. It may be saved!

(Rush appears again and plays a message from Dr. Light)

Dr. Light: …man! Rockman! Can you hear me?

Rockman: Yes, Professor! I’ve discovered something like a Robot!

Dr. Light: What? Understood! I will go collect that now. You chase Wily!

Rockman: Understood, Professor.

Mystery of the Energy エネルギーの謎

ENG 英語

Mega Man: Dr. Light, how’s it going? Will he be OK?

Dr. Light: I’m almost finished. The battery will be charged in 10 minutes.

Mega Man: That’s good. By the way, what do you make of these?

Dr. Light: … These? These seem to be energy resources… but I’ve never seen this type on Earth. I don’t know where this energy came from, but we cannot let it fall into Dr. Wily’s hands. You must recover all the energy immediately, Mega Man.

Mega Man: But where is Dr. Wily?

Dr. Light: That’s a good question. We may be able to locate another energy emission from the radar room. When we find that meteor, we’ll find Dr. Wily.

(Mega Man and Dr. Light exit the room. The robot wakes up and holds the energy)

???: He… he still lives…

(The robot flies through the roof)

Mega Man: What the…!

Dr. Light: Mega Man, you must go after him! We don’t know who he is, and it could be dangerous to leave him alone!

Mega Man: Yes sir! Let’s go, Rush!

JPN 日本語

Rockman: 博士!修理の方はどうですか。

Dr. Light: うん。こっちはもう完成じゃ。後十分ほどでバッテリーのチャージも終わるじゃろう。

Rockman: 博士。これは一体何だと思いますか。

Dr. Light: うむ。あ、これ、そうか!これが隕石から出ていたエネルギー反応の正体なのか!しかし、こんなものは、初めて見た。どのような仕掛けでこれほど強烈なエネルギーを作れるか不明じゃが、とにかくこのものワイリー持っているとなると…危険じゃ。早く回収すねば

Rockman: しかし、ワイリーは一体どこに?

Dr. Light: うむ…もしかしたら、まだ別のエネルギー反応が出ているかもしれん。レイダーしつでトレースし直してみよう。ワイリーがまだ持っている可能性があるからな。


???: まだ…まだ生きていたのか!


Rockman: これは!

Dr. Light: ロックマン!急いで追ってくれ!あのロボットの正体が分からない以上、ほっておくのは危険じゃ。

Rockman: はい!行くぞ、ラッシュ!


Rockman: Professor! How are the repairs?

Dr. Light: They have been completed already. After about 10 minutes the battery charge should also be done.

Rockman: Professor. What exactly do you think this is?

Dr. Light: Hmm. Ah, this is- I see! This is the true form of the energy reading coming off the meteor! But, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this. It is unknown what sort of contraption could create such powerful energy, but if Wily holds it…it’s dangerous. We have to retrieve it quickly.

Rockman: But where is Wily?

Dr. Light: Hm…perhaps there may still be other energy readings being emitted. Let’s try retracing it in the radar room. There is the possibility that Wily still holds it.

(Rockman and Dr. Light leave room. Mystery Robot awakes)

???: He’s…he’s still alive!

(Mystery Robot flies through roof)

Rockman: What!

Dr. Light: Rockman! Hurry after him! As long as we don’t know that robot’s identity, it’s dangerous to leave him alone.

Rockman: Okay! Let’s go, Rush!

Duo Fight デューオ戦

ENG 英語

Mega Man: What power…! I’ve got to go after him!!

(Mega Man chases the robot)

Mega Man: You are…! Wait! Who are you!?

???: Don’t try to stop me from completing my mission!

(Mega Man fights the robot)

???: … I feel a strong sense of justice within you. Who are you…?

(Proto Man appears)

Proto Man: Are you OK?

Mega Man: Protoman!

???: …!

(The robot escapes)

Proto Man: What happened? … Who is he?

Mega Man: I don’t know. (That robot was holding back. He didn’t fight me with everything he had. I wonder why?)

Proto Man: … He might be connected to Dr. Wily.

Mega Man: What?

Proto Man: “Wily Tower” is just ahead from here. That’s the name of Wily’s new castle. That robot may be going there.

Mega Man: Maybe… I’ll be careful. Thanks, Protoman.

Proto Man:

JPN 日本語

Rockman: なんてパワーだ・・・!はやく追わなきゃ!!


Rockman: まて!きみはなにものなんだ!?

???: おまえもわたしのじゃまをするのか!


???: きみにはつよいせいぎのチカラをかんじる。


Blues: だいじょうぶか?

Rockman: ブルース!

???: …!


Blues: なにがあったんだ?あれはだれだ?

Rockman: よくわからないんだ。(かれはほんきではなかったようなきがする。なぜだろう?)

Blues: ワイリーとかんけいがあるのかもしれないな。

Rockman: えっ!


Rockman: そうか。きをつけていくよ。ありがとう、ブルース。



Rockman: What power…! I have to hurry after him!

(Rockman chases the robot)

Rockman: Wait! What are you?!

???: Are you going to get in my way, too?

(Rockman fights the robot)

???: I can feel the strong power of justice within you.

(Blues appears)

Blues: Are you okay?

Rockman: Blues!

???: …!

(The robot escapes)

Blues: What happened? Who is that?

Rockman: I have no clue. (I feel he wasn’t going all out. I wonder why?)

Blues: He may have something to do with Wily.

Rockman: Huh?

Blues: Wily Tower is just ahead of here. It’s the new Wily Castle. The robot a second ago may also have been heading towards there.

Rockman: I see. I’ll be careful and go ahead. Thank you, Blues.


Wily Tower Discovered ワイリータワー発見

ENG 英語

Mega Man: That must be it over there! I can see it!

(Mega Man is caught by a giant robot)

Mega Man: Rush!

(The giant robot punches Rush)

Mega Man: Rush! RUSH!

Dr. Wily: I’m impressed! I didn’t think you’d make it this far, Mega Man! However, I don’t have time to deal with you. SAY GOODNIGHT!!!

(The giant robot electrocutes Mega Man but Duo comes and saves him)

Mega Man: Rush? Rush…

Robot: Are you OK?

Mega Man: Who are you?

Robot: My name is Duo. I was born with the sole purpose to eliminate the evil energy from this universe.

(Duo defeats the giant robot)

Mega Man: Duo, that thing. It’s just like the one that I gave to Dr. Light.

Duo: Yes. This is what you people call ‘evil energy.’ According to the studies I’ve done so far, the one who obtained the original energy must be a being of complete evil. This kind of energy absorbs the evil in a person’s mind and then multiplies. Judging by the quick rate of its growth, it’ll take over the planet with evil energy in a matter of days! We must stop it! It seems the original energy exists within that tower. But… … a barrier prohibits me from going there. I will destroy the rest of the evil energy that has spread throughout the Earth. You search and destroy the energy sources for that barrier.

Mega Man: Let’s do it! Time to go, Rush!

JPN 日本語

Rockman: そこか!見えたぞ!


Rockman: ラッシュ!!


Rockman: ラッシュ!

Dr. Wily: あーははははは!よくここまで来れたな、ロックマン!しかし残念じゃが、もうお別れのようじゃな。まあ、あの世から、わしの地球征服達成でも祝ってくれ。さらばじゃ!


Rockman: ラッシュ!ラッシュ…

Robot: 大丈夫か?

Rockman: きみは...!

Robot: 私の名はデューオ。私はこの宇宙から悪のエネルギーを絶滅させるためにうまれてきたものだ。くるぞ。


Rockman: デューオ!それは、あの時と同じ…

Duo: そう。これは、この惑星の言葉でいうと、「悪のエネルギー」。今まで調べてて分かったは、エネルギー本体を手に入れたのは、かなりの悪の心を持つ人物だな。これは悪の心を吸収、分身を作る。ここまだ協力でしかも大量に増えていると…急いでとめないと、この惑星は悪のエネルギー覆われてしまう。あのタワーにエネルギーの存在を感じる。しかし…あそこにいくためには、バリアが邪魔だ。私はひとりで先に地上に残ったエネルギーを探し、始末する。きみは、地上にあるエネルギーの供給の源を破壊してくれ。

Rockman: 分かった。行くぞ、ラッシュ!


Rockman: It’s there! I can see it!

(Rockman gets captured in hand of giant robot)

Rockman: Rush!!

(Giant robot punches Rush)

Rockman: Rush!

Dr. Wily: Aahahaha! You’ve done well coming this far, Rockman! However, unfortunately, it already appears it is time to part. Well, please celebrate my world domination from the other side! Farewell!

(Giant robot electrocutes Rockman. But, Duo appears and saves him)

Rockman: Rush! Rush…

Robot: Are you okay?

Rockman: You’re…!

Robot: My name is Duo. I am one born to eliminate Evil Energy from this universe. Here he comes.

(Duo defeats giant robot)

Rockman: Duo! That’s the same from that time…

Duo: Yes. If put into the words of this planet, this is “Evil Energy”. What I’ve investigated and understood up until now is that the one who has obtained the energy’s main body is a person who holds quite the evil heart. This absorbs evil hearts to form an avatar. If it is still strong and increasing in great numbers…if we don’t hurry and stop it, this planet will be consumed by the evil energy. I can feel the presence of the energy in that tower. However…to get there, a barrier is in our way. I’ll look for the remaining energy above ground and deal with it. You look for the energy supply source above ground and destroy it.

Rockman: Got it. We’re going, Rush!

Bass Fight フォルテ戦

ENG 英語

Bass: Megaman! You can’t escape this time!

Mega Man: Bass! Stop it! I don’t want to fight with you!

Bass: You’re so naive. That will be your downfall! I’m not the same weakling anymore! I’ve got new powers!

Mega Man: …No way!

(Evil energy appears)

Mega Man: No! You don’t know how dangerous it is!

Bass: Shut up! I’ll defeat you! “Come on, Treble!” (or “You’re history!”)

(Bass and Treble merge with the evil energy)

Bass: Let’s do it! I’ll show you what true power is!

Mega Man: No! That’s not power! I must prove you are wrong again Bass!

(Mega Man fights and defeats Bass)

Mega Man: You can’t beat me with fake power! Wake up, Bass!

Bass:… curse you Megaman! I’ll never give up!

(Bass escapes)

Mega Man: …Bass. Why you don’t understand?

JPN 日本語

Forte: ロックマン!もうにがさないぞ!

Rockman: フォルテ!やめるんだ!ぼくはきみとたたかいたくないんだ!

Forte: あまいぞ!そのおまえのあまさがいのちとりになるんだ!きょうのオレはこのまえとはちがう!オレは新しいチカラをてにいれたんだ!

Rockman: ・・・まさか!


Rockman: だめだ!それがどれだけおそろしいかしっているのか!

Forte: うるさい!オレはおまえにかつ!いくぞ!ゴスペル!!


Forte: さあ、いくぞ!オレのチカラをみせてやる!



Rockman: ウソのチカラじゃぼくにはかてないぞ!めをさませ、フォルテ!

Forte: クッ・・クソッ!オレはぜったいあきらめない!




Forte: Rockman! I won’t let you get away anymore!

Rockman: Forte! Stop it! I don’t want to fight you!

Forte: You’re soft! That softness of yours will be the death of you! Today I am different from before! I’ve obtained a new power!

Rockman: …no way!

(Evil energy appears)

Rockman: No! Don’t you know how horrible that thing is?

Forte: Shut up! I will win against you! Let’s go! Gospel!

(Forte fuses with Evil Energy)

Forte: Now, let’s go! I will show you my power!

Rockman: You’re wrong! That’s not power! I will show you where you’re wrong!

(Rockman defeats Forte)

Rockman: You can’t defeat me with a fake power! Wake up, Forte!

Forte: D…damn! I won’t ever give up!

(Forte withdraws)

Rockman: …Forte. Why don’t you understand?

Wily Fight ワイリー戦

ENG 英語

Mega Man: Where’s this…?

Dr. Wily: Gotcha! Wa ha ha ha! You’re trapped, Megaman! You can’t move, can you! With this incredible energy, I can’t be beaten. It’s time I finally finished you off!

(Wily charges up a cannon on his tank)

Dr. Wily: Good-bye! Megaman!

(Duo stops the cannon)

Mega Man: D… Duo! Duo, thank you. Are you OK?

Duo: …yeah. …! Look out!!

(The Skull Tank comes back)

Dr. Wily: Curse you! It seems that robot can’t move anymore. Wa ha ha! Now, I’ll defeat both of you!

(Proto Man’s appears)

Proto Man: I’ll take care of this robot!

Mega Man: Protoman! Thanks!

(Proto Man and Duo leave)

Mega Man: Wily! You must be stopped!

Dr. Wily: Silence, fool! I’ll defeat you and conquer the world!

(Mega Man fights and defeats Wily)

Dr. Wily: S… sorry! I was wrong! Please forgive me!

Mega Man: …That’s the same old apology Wily! Over and over again…

Dr. Wily: W… what!

Mega Man: Uwaaaah!

JPN 日本語

Rockman: ここは・・・?

Dr. Wily: ワッハッハ!かかったな、ロックマン!どうだ、うごけんじゃろ!このすばらしいエネルギーをつかえば、おまえなんかにまけはせん!なごりおしいがそろそろとどめじゃ!


Dr. Wily: さらばじゃ!ロックマン!



Duo: ・・・ああ。・・・!きをつけろ!


Dr. Wily:よくもやってくれたな!しかし、もうそのロボットもうごけないようじゃな。ワッハッハ!ワシがふたりともしまつしてやる!


Blues: このロボットのことはオレにまかせろ!

Rockman: ブルース!たのむ!


Rockman: ワイリー!おまえだけはゆるさない!

Dr. Wily:うるさい!こんどこそおまえをたおして世界をせいふく


Dr. Wily: すっ、すまなかった!ワシがわるかった!ゆるしてくれ!

Rockman: ・・・またそのセリフか!いつもいつも・・・

Dr. Wily: なっ・・・なんじゃ!

Rockman: うわあぁぁぁ!


Rockman: This is…?

Dr. Wily: Wahaha! You’ve been caught, Rockman! How’s that? You can’t move, can you? If I use this wonderful energy, I won’t lose to someone like you! It is regretful, but it’s about time to finish you off!

(Wily charges attack of cannon)

Dr. Wily: Farewell, Rockman!

(Duo stop cannon attack)

Rockman: D, Duo! Duo, thank you. Are you alright?

Duo: …Yeah. …! Look out!

(Wily comes back)

Dr. Wily: You really did it now! But it seems that robot cannot move, either. Wahaha! I will eliminate the both of you!

(Blues appears)

Blues: Leave this Robot to me!

Rockman: Blues! I’m counting on you!

(Blues and Duo escape)

Rockman: Wily! I won’t forgive you!

Dr. Wily: Quiet! This time I will defeat you and control the world.

(Wily gets defeated)

Dr. Wily: I, I’m sorry! I was wrong. Forgive me!

Rockman: …those lines again! Always always…

Dr. Wily: Wh….what?

Rockman: Uwaaa!

Parting Gift 餞別

ENG 英語

Duo: This is not good. He’s been affected by the evil energy. He will die soon. If your mind is not completely taken by the evil, you’ll be saved… Megaman… I can see into your mind.

(Duo sees some of the good deeds Megaman has done. He destroys the evil energy)

Duo: You… have been working so hard for justice. With your help, this planet will survive.

Proto Man: What happened? Mega Man!

Duo: He’s going to be OK. He will regain consciousness soon. My job is done; I must go. I’ll leave Mega Man up to you. But… there’s one more thing.

Proto Man: Hm?

Duo: I have a favor to ask.

(Scene fades out)

Roll: Wake up! Wake up Mega Man!

(Mega Man wakes up in Dr. Light’s lab)

Mega Man: Roll!

Roll: Mega Man, you’re OK!

Auto: Alright!

Eddie: Yippee!

Mega Man: Am I alive?

Dr. Light: Yes, you are. Duo saved you.

Mega Man: Duo…

Proto Man: Duo is gone.

Mega Man: Proto Man!

Proto Man: Mega Man, I have a message to give you from Duo.

Mega Man: From Duo? What is it?

Proto Man: He said, “Thank you.”

Mega Man: Duo…? Me too. Thank you, Duo.

JPN 日本語

Duo: まずい。悪のエネルギーにおかされている。このままではロックマンは死んでしまう。君の心がまだ悪に奪われていなくれば、これで助かるはずだ。ロックマン。きみの心の中が見える。


Duo: きみは今まであれほどに正義のために働いていたのか。きみがいれば、この惑星もう安心だな。

Blues: どうした、ロックマン!

Duo: 大丈夫だ。しばらくすれば、気がつくだろう。私の仕事は終わった。もう君たちと会うここもないだろう。ロックマンのことは、頼んだ… …一つ忘れていた。

Blues: ん?

Duo: すまないが、頼みがある。


Roll: ロックマン!しっかりして、ロックマン!


Rockman: ロールちゃん!

Roll: ロックマン!

Auto: やったダス!

Eddie: いえい!

Rockman: 生きてる

Dr. Light: そうじゃ。デューオくんが助けてくれたんじゃよ。

Rockman: デューオ…

Blues: デューオなら、もう行っちまったぜ。

Rockman: ブルース!

Blues: ロックマン。あいつから伝言を頼まれている。

Rockman: デューオから?何?

Blues: ありがとう、だってよ。

Rockman: デューオ…僕も…ありがとう。デューオ…


Duo: Not good. The evil energy is ruining him. At this rate Rockman will die. If your heart is still not taken by the Evil Energy, you should be saved with this. Rockman. I can see within your heart.

(Duo sees the good deeds Rockman has done up to now. He destroys the evil energy)

Duo: You’ve been working that hard for the sake of justice all this time? If you are here, this planet is already safe.

Blues: What happened, Rockman!

Duo: He’s alright. In a bit he will awake. My job is over. We probably won’t meet again. I leave Rockman to you… …I forgot one thing.

Blues: Hm?

Duo: Sorry, but I have a request.

(Fade out)

Roll: Rockman! Stay strong, Rockman!

(Rockman awakes in Dr. Light lab)

Rockman: Roll-chan!

Roll: Rockman!

Auto: Alright, dasu!

Eddie: Yay!

Rockman: I’m alive.

Dr. Light: Yes. Duo-kun saved you.

Rockman: Duo…

Blues: If it’s about Duo, he already left.

Rockman: Blues!

Blues: Rockman. I was entrusted with a message from him.

Rockman: From Duo? What is it?

Blues: “Thank you”, is what he said.

Rockman: Duo…me, too. Thank you. Duo…

Cut & Wood カット&ウッド

JPN 日本語

Cutman: ひさしぶりだな、ロックマン!

Rockman: キ、キミはカットマン!どうしてここに?

Cutman: むかしオマエにまけたこと、まだおぼえているチョキ!

Rockman: やめるんだ、カットマン!

Cutman: こんどはまけないチョキ!


Cutman: It’s been a while, Rockman!

Rockman: Y-you’re Cutman! Why are you here?

Cutman: I still remember losing to you all those years ago, snipsnip!

Rockman: Cut it out, Cutman!

Cutman: I won’t lose this time!

JPN 日本語

Woodman: ここはとおさんぞ、ロックマン!

Rockman: ウッドマン!まだワイリーのてだすけをしているのか!?

Woodman: ワイリーさまのやぼうのため、おまえをたおす!

Rockman: ぼくはまけない。ここはとおしてもらうぞ!

Woodman: とおれるものならとおってみろ。いくぞ!ロックマン!!


Woodman: I won’t let you pass, Rockman!

Rockman: Woodman! Are you still helping Wily!?

Woodman: I will defeat you for Lord Wily’s dream!

Rockman: I won’t lose. I’ll get passed you!

Woodman: If you can, give it a shot. Here I come, Rockman!!


41 comments on “Rockman 8

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  2. Neat. I will check them out and let you know if anything is miss. Yes, its me azoreseuropa aka bearmon2010. From now on, azoreseuropa will do as it is permanent, thanks. Cheers!

  3. Very good. Are they accurately translation ?

    What about Roll’s shop ? I have the script, I think, if you want it ? Please let me know.

  4. Hello? I sent two message for this one and in your front page for Rockman 8 too. Hope you didnt missed it. Cant wait to hear from you.

  5. Hey.. I can’t find your script for Rockmand and Duo against them in the cave and found the fortress. You are missing the FMV text and translation for this:

    Maybe you can add it to your page too ?

    And you don’t have ending FMV video too. Here:

  6. Sorry about that above.. Just ignored them. You already have one of them but you don’t have the ending FMV video. Add above to your script page ok ?

    EDIT: I FOUND INCOMPLETE TEXT.. Please fix it. Here:

    Robot: 私の名はデューオ。私はこの宇宙から悪のエネルギーを絶滅させるためにうまれてきたものだ。くるぞ

    “くるぞ” is incomplete.

    • I’ll check it out!
      I see these notifications through my e-mail but I don’t check my e-mail a lot during the week, sorry. But trust me I see them!
      I am free all tomorrow afternoon so maybe I’ll crunch it out then.

      • Can you double check FMV translation again to make sure? Some of them are missing too.. Is there a way I can contact you through email for read proofing error ? 🙂

        And don’t forgot about WoodMan and CutMan as well.

      • The part after くるぞ was just missing a period. It is complete.
        Do you know a place to find the Woodman/Cutman dialogue?

  7. I did copy and paste here but it won’t let me. Why ? Can you give me your email so I can send you one.

  8. I can send you the WoodMan/CutMan dialogue but somehow here won’t let me. I repaste and nothing’s happening. What can I do ? 😦 And I found other one more incomplete Japanese text too. Can’t paste here because it won’t let me either. When I did and nothing’s happening too.

    • I managed to get it, it’s in now.

      If there is missing text just tell me what section/scene/character it is, no need to paste the whole text.

      • Thanks but why do you say:



        I could not catch the place of * _, so I omitted it.

        Explain ? I hope those translation is ACCURATE, isn’t it ?

      • Yes, the first half of that word only I had trouble hearing exactly what it was. But from second half of the word, and the context, I feel the translation is not affected negatively at all.
        I can try it again (first time I didn’t want to spend too much time on a single unimportant word) to fill out the Japanese text, but the translated text has no issues.

  9. I hope that you can try it again. Which video do you have a trouble hearing it ? There are several Japan FMV I found that is better than your video. Let me know which one you are having a trouble hearing it so I can post a correct FMV video for you.

  10. Want me to give you a better FMV video for you so you can fix the one you had trouble hearing exactly what it was ?

    • You are welcome. And are you sure ? It is accurate ? Did you fixed it ? If so, where ? I would like to see it, please ? 🙂

      • It’s probably fine; again, the sentence translation is not significantly affected. It’s in the spot where the ___ was before.

      • Okay.. I am noting Rockman World 4 and Rockman World 5 text in the notepad now. Would you like it addition to your list ? It should be finish sometimes this week or next week.

  11. And there is trick in Rockman World 5: Lose all your lives, then continue four times in a row to gain a Turbo Accelerator power-up for your Arm Cannon! And if that wasn’t enough, continue three more times for another speed power-up!

    I will post it when Dr. Right has text appears here soon, ok ? Let’s finish it first. 🙂

  12. Hello, why delete my message ? Its azoreseuropa and I sent Rockman World 5 text script. Did you received it, didnt you ? Why deleted my message yesterday ? *confusion*

    • Oh never mind. You didnt deleted it. WordPress confused me. I have to reload it and now I seen my messages there. LOL! Hope you get it asap. And hope you had a good vacation in Japan.

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