Game Impressions

I like to play games. I like to play a lot of games in Japanese. Many of the games I enjoy are games that were either not localized, are obscure, or are…well, universally panned by many. I will write some impressions of these games that many may not have played, or even heard of. I play it so you don’t have to! って感じかな

They’ll all be posts, rather than pages (at first, anyway. See how it goes), but I’ll link them all in here. You can also find them via their categories. Non-linked ones means they are planned, but not done!

Dracula Detective (PS1)

Desert Planet (PS1)

All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation (DS)

Maria: Kimitachi ga Umareta Wake (PS1)

Chain Dive (PS2)

R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital  (PS1)


Ryuu ga Gotoku: Isshin! (PS3)

E.X. Troopers (PS3)

Enigma (PS1)

Nanashi no Geemu (DS)


4 comments on “Game Impressions

  1. Curiosity. Why don’t you translated Rockman 8 to Megaman 8 accurately comparison with USA/EURO version ? I believed I sent you the scripts so you don’t have to replaying the game.

    • Yes, I know, thank you. I have been finding work and also doing a translation contest. But now I have finished both so I can go back to translating other stuff. Rockman 8 is on my list. I want to finish some other things, but I will get around to it eventually.

      • I can’t wait. That’s why I love about your site. By the way, translate Rockman 8’s animation movie comparison to English script, ok ? Gamefaqs have English script for Megaman 8 that Capcom might have inaccurate interpreted for it. Good work!

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