Rockman & Forte

R&F, a game released late into the SNES’ life after Rockman 8, later localized to the west on the GBA as an inferior port (but still good) under the name Megaman & Bass. This game borrows hard from Rockman 8, reusing a bunch of sprites, stage motifs, and even three of the bosses! However, it’s a dope-ass game, as to be expected. This marked the first time Forte aka Bass became playable. They altered his fighting style to make him distinct from Rockman and it paid off, resulting in two totally different playstyles. Rockman is good against bosses, while Forte completely flies through stages. Good shiz.

Translations for various aspects of the game:

Rockman & Forte Dialogue

Rockman & Forte CD 1-50

Rockman & Forte CD 51-100

Rockman & Forte Bonus

Rockman & Forte Wonderswan