Translating and talking about things from games that are in Japan.
Sometimes not from games, though.
But usually from games.

I was translating guides for Yakuza 5, but now that it’s come to the west, such a thing isn’t very necessary.

Now I am mostly translating past Rockman/Megaman game scripts and comparing them to the official localized scripts. This will be the base from which I hopefully branch out into other games.

I am an amateur who is still learning the language. Hopefully I can improve through this.

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27 comments on “About

  1. Hi man.

    I’m here to say you’re doing a great job localizating lots of Rockman games from japanese to english. Your translating are a great guide into a full understanding of every aspect of Rockman and Rockman X.

    I can see you already translated Rockman X games, from X1 to X4. It’s great to see all typos made by official american localization, and how they would be, if translated properly. Ah, I can’t see to wait further translations, such as Rockman X5, and maybe Rockman X6 onward.

    BTW, can you give me permission to use your translations as a guide for some romhacks I’m doing with some friends of mine? I’m brazilian and intent to translate some Rockman X games to portuguese, and your translations will improve greatly our job.

    Thanks, and keep up with your good work!

  2. I really love and appreciate the work you are doing. It made it possible for me to save a lot of money because I could buy the japanese Mega Man Games for the SNES and still understand everything 🙂

    As a future project I would love to see a script for the Go Go Ackman Games. Do you thing this would be possible? 🙂

  3. Heya!
    Love your work with the lyrics! Thanks to you, now i can (try to) sing along the songs from the Yakuza series.
    If i may, i would like to make a request for lyrics. Now that Yakuza 6 is out, there is a new favorite song, Honjitsu wa Diamond.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for the reminder; I beat Yakuza 6 a while ago and really liked the karaoke selection in it. I think I was just waiting for someone to release the Full Spec version, but it’s more than likely now out so I’ll take a looksie

  4. Hi there keekiyasan,

    I’d like to ask for permission if, I could credit your various blog posts for the translations of the various Megaman X Japanese songs.

    The reasoning is that, I’m sort of in the process of working on stuff for Megaman May, which involves the various Japanese songs that accompanies each game.

    And that, your various posts happen to be the most consistent when it comes to containing the original Japanese lyrics alongside an English Translation.

    Long story short, your posts in translating these songs are amazingly helpful, informative and helps give an idea to understand the songs themselves.

    And I would greatly love to have your permission to credit your blog posts for it.

    In any case, I hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Heya there!
    I’ve heard you do translations for all sorts of games like Mega Man (Rock Man) and Yakuza, so I want to ask you… would you like to help us in our Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi translation patch? It’s an action game also made by Capcom, same devs as Mega Man and all, so, I think you’ll like it!
    Here’s a discord server of the project: https://discord.gg/aMjnDKQtA6

    And here’s some vids of the patch in action:

  6. Heya there!
    So, I’ve heard you translate all sorts of games like Mega Man and Yakuza, so I’d like to ask you something, would you like to help us with our Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi translation patch? It’s a japanese-only action game made by the same devs as Mega Man, so I think you’ll like it!

  7. Hello. I hope everything is good with you. How is your project doing with Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Prequel?

  8. Hello @keekiyasan,

    I hope that you are doing okay. Dont want to bother you but hope that you are still doing with Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Prequel

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