Translating and talking about things from games that are in Japan.
Sometimes not from games, though.
But usually from games.

I was translating guides for Yakuza 5, but now that it’s coming to the west, such a thing isn’t very necessary. Maybe I will move on to translating things for Isshin, or the upcoming Yakuza 0. Who know!

Now I am mostly translating past Rockman/Megaman game scripts and comparing them to the official localized scripts. This will be the base from which I hopefully branch out into other games.

I am an amateur who is still learning the language. Hopefully I can improve through this.

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10 comments on “About

  1. Hi man.

    I’m here to say you’re doing a great job localizating lots of Rockman games from japanese to english. Your translating are a great guide into a full understanding of every aspect of Rockman and Rockman X.

    I can see you already translated Rockman X games, from X1 to X4. It’s great to see all typos made by official american localization, and how they would be, if translated properly. Ah, I can’t see to wait further translations, such as Rockman X5, and maybe Rockman X6 onward.

    BTW, can you give me permission to use your translations as a guide for some romhacks I’m doing with some friends of mine? I’m brazilian and intent to translate some Rockman X games to portuguese, and your translations will improve greatly our job.

    Thanks, and keep up with your good work!

  2. I really love and appreciate the work you are doing. It made it possible for me to save a lot of money because I could buy the japanese Mega Man Games for the SNES and still understand everything 🙂

    As a future project I would love to see a script for the Go Go Ackman Games. Do you thing this would be possible? 🙂

  3. Heya!
    Love your work with the lyrics! Thanks to you, now i can (try to) sing along the songs from the Yakuza series.
    If i may, i would like to make a request for lyrics. Now that Yakuza 6 is out, there is a new favorite song, Honjitsu wa Diamond.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for the reminder; I beat Yakuza 6 a while ago and really liked the karaoke selection in it. I think I was just waiting for someone to release the Full Spec version, but it’s more than likely now out so I’ll take a looksie

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