Rockman Series

Oh, Rockman. My hero! I love the Rockman games (‘specially X), but had never really played through their Japanese versions aka the lords’ versions. I was curious to find out if there were any differences between the English scripts and Japanese scripts and so this was born.

Rockman 7: Prison Break

Rockman & Forte: A Royal Pain / CD Database 1-50 / CD Database 51-100 / Extra

Rockman & Forte WS: Mega McFly

Rockman X/Mega Man X: Sigma’s Day Off

Rockman X2/Mega Man X2: Three Chuckles for a Laugh

Rockman X: Cyber Mission/Mega Man Xtreme: 90’s Hacker Kidz

Rockman X3/Megaman X3: Side Effects May Include Death

Rockman X2: Soul Eraser/Mega Man Xtreme 2: Fun Island

Rockman X4/Mega Man X4: Coup Coup for Replipuffs X Side / Zero Side

Rockman X5:/Mega Man X5: The Final Countdown Boss Dialogue / Cutscenes



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