Scripts and Localizations

Know how Japanese games come over to the west? Notice how they’re in…ENGLISH?! That’s because they were translated. What I hope to do is also play Japanese versions of prominent or not not-so-prominent games and find the differences between what is written in English and Japanese. Usually there’s a fair bit, either because liberties were taken with translation, or some things changed completely! I mostly just started this for the Megaman/Rockman X games because I love them more than things that are loved, but I will maybe branch into other series.


12 comments on “Scripts and Localizations

    • Wow, thanks for the comment! I’m really late with the reply though. Rockman & Forte is a good idea! It’s fun shiz, too, so I’ll try it out!

      • Great. Please do that ? PLEASE PLEASE!! I will check your site soon. I can’t wait!

  1. If you want.. I can send all of the screenshots in Japanese to you for SFC version. If you want me to collect all of the SCREENSHOTS in GAME BOY ADVANCE in ENGLISH VERSION.. I would be happy to. It will save your time and not have to play. Please let me know so I can play and collected every screenshots before send it to you. Just let me know.

    • I just finished beating both stories last night and will be writing down the script soon. I also plan on finding all the CDs and writing a full page on the JPN CD Data

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