Sousuke’s Training (Kiryu)

Sousuke trains Kiryu to learn new moves in Fukuoka and later helps the others characters power-up in the final chapters in Tokyo. If there’s one training partner to finish completely, it’s this guy. He is also easy to continue training with, as he doesn’t really require any fetch quests, etc. like the other characters do. He is also Komaki’s grandson (the old homeless dude who trains Kiryu often).

You are able to start his training from the latter half of Kiryu’s first chapter. He’s found in the open space by Chikuzengawa Street South (筑前川通り南). It’s in the lower part of the map. He’ll appear as a little person icon, so he’s easy to find. Enter the door against the white wall to get to him. Then, all you do is talk to him and fight him!


  • You cannot use Heat Actions against him. Get used to that restriction; it applies to other characters as well. You gotta fight him straight up.
  • You can, however, use Raging Dragon’s Pride (press R2), Kiryu’s awakened super power boost mode against him. Actually, you’re required to for the first mandatory training.
  • During combat, using the Komakiryuu Hajikikaeshi (古牧流 弾き返し), the deflect move learned in the first training is effective enough to win with just using that. To do it, while blocking an enemy’s attack, press triangle to deflect it back at them. It does light damage.
  • An even more effective (but anti-climactic) way to beat him is to use the deflect move, grab him, throw him down, hit him while he’s down, and repeat. This strategy actually works pretty well against basically everyone ever.
  • As you complete his training, your health will also go up.
  • There are 5 training sessions to do. Once you complete them all you get a Platinum Ruler (tonfa weapon).

The trainings are done in Volumes (like a book)


Volume of Gales 疾風の巻
Learned Skill:
Komakiryuu Hajikikaeshi (Flip Back, deflection) 古牧流 弾き返し
From guarding state, flick the enemy away and create a chance for a counterattack. Kiryu backhands the enemy from his guard and the enemy gets knocked back.
How to Use:
Triangle while guarding against an attack

Volume of Heat Haze 陽炎の巻
Learned Skill:
Komakiryuu Sabakiuchi (Disposing Strike) 古牧流 捌き打ち
While avoiding an enemy’s attack with sway, at the same time you can do your own attack. Sway to the sides and Kiryu does a punch. Sway forward and he tackles. Sway back and he does a lame kick that will always put the enemy into stun state.
How to Use:
Press triangle mid-sway (the dodge move done with X)

Volume of Coursing Water 流水の巻
Learned Skill:
Komakiryuu Ukenagashi (Parry) 古牧流 受け流し
Parry an enemy’s attack and stun them while disabling them. It’s possible for stronger enemies to not be stunned. Kiryu slips around the enemy attack and gives him a good gut knee and back slam. Opens most enemies up for stun combos, but doesn’t really do any damage on its own.
How to Use:
While in fighting stance, press circle just as an enemy attack is about to hit you.

Volume of Tiger’s Den 虎穴の巻
Learned Skill:
Komakiryuu Toraotoshi (Tiger Drop) 古牧流 虎落とし
A furious counter right at the moment an enemy attacks. Right at the moment an enemy comes in with their attack, Kiryu destroys them with a mighty counter punch. Does a lot of damage. When you get good at counter timing, this is what you want to use against Strong Enemies. This is where the beans are at.
How to Use:
When in fighting stance, press triangle just as an enemy attack is about to hit you.

Ultimate Volume 究極の巻
Learned Skill:
Kyuukyoku no Kiwami (The Peak of Ultimateness) 究極の極み
Climax Heat. The ultimate comeback special move dished out let out from being at one’s limit. Can only be used when the Climax Heat Gauge is maxed. When Kiryu’s health is red this can be used. Super duper punch.
How to Use:
In fighting stance and when health is red, press triangle (a prompt should come up for the Climax Heat Action).

Learned Skill:
Yoitetsuzan no Kiwami (Peak of Drunken Tetsuzan? I dunno what tetsuzan is besides a person’s name but it’s a drunk move) 酔鉄山の極み
Climax Heat. A deadly move from a hitting tackle. Can only be used when the Climax Heat Gauge is maxed and drunk.
How to Use:
In fighting stance while drunk, press triangle (a prompt should come up for the Climax Heat Action).


The Event to Learn the Drunken Climax Heat

After learning Komakiryuu Ukenagashi (#3), Sousuke will get depressed and you won’t be able to do any more training. Go into a store or whatever and after the screen properly transitions, try returning to the open space where Sousuke usually is to find him not there.

On Nagasu Main Street (永洲大通り), near the Cabaret Club Info Center, is Sousuke. If you talk to him, you’ll learn the Yoitetsuzan no kiwami (#6) and be able to train once more at the open space where Sousuke usually is.

Event After Training

After finishing all the training, enter a shop or whatever like the other event and go back to see Sousuke at the open space. You’ll lend him 30,000 Yen to fund his trip to Kamurochou. Sousuke will then go away and not be in Fukuoka/Nagasugai anymore.

What comes next takes place after you’ve entered Kamurochou in the Final Part.

Make sure you’re Kiryu. If you go to in front of the Casino/Dojo building to the north of Kamurochou (龍宮城), in front you’ll see Sousuke enter the building. Enter the building and head to the dojo.

Head to Sousuke who’s chillin’ in the dojo and talk to him. Automatically an event will occur where he will challenge his grandpa, the homeless sensei Kiryu always learns from, and Kiryu will have to leave.

Go away from that area (going near the entrance of Kamurochou Hills is OK), walk around outside, then head back to the building and enter the dojo once again.

Talk to Komaki, the old dude.

Leave the dojo, and like again go away and walk around outside for a while. When you go back inside the dojo, Sousuke will be there to talk to again.

You’ll learn Komakiryuu Toraotoshi Kyoku (Super Tiger Drop).

You can now undertake the Limit Breakthrough Training by talking to Komaki. What this does is allow you to reach passed the Max Level to earn more soul. You can now reach level 25, but you gotta be max level before talking to him. You can do this as each character (even Haruka!).

To finish the training you have to fight Sousuke and Komaki at the SAME TIME. It can be pretty ridiculous, especially depending on who you use. So be prepared.

Lastly, if you talk to Sousuke again as Kiryu he’ll return the money he borrowed. Nice.

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