Kiryu’s Substory Guide

Kiryu has the most substories of any of the characters at 18, spanning both Fukuoka and Tokyo. All of the other characters only have 15 substories. Like OF THE END/Dead Souls, substories are pretty easy to find now because they show up as a question mark symbol on the map. Furthermore, many of them are relatively linear and can be fully completed without even knowing what’s going on, but there are some that have some requirements that need to be met in order to full complete them. Furthermore, you may be interested in what the rewards are, etc.

You’ll know the difference between a Finished and Completed substory from the symbols next to the quest. 終 is finished. This makes it done but it’s not that great. 完 this is the symbol you want. It means you finished it the best way. Following this guide will ensure the best version.

Kiryu’s final substory which is against his old high-level rival Amon is unlocked by completing all other 77 substories. That’s a lot of substories when you add them all together!

As usual, all details and all maps and most all work not from me. Japanese source guide here. I am just translating what the guide says to make it easier for English hombres.

Japanese and English title will be written together to make matching them in the game easier and give some decent ENG titles.


  • 天神様、お願い! Please, gods!
  • 龍の海鮮丼Seafood Donburi of the Dragon
  • 遥を重ねて For Haruka
  • タクシーS・O・S Taxi S.O.S
  • サイバーテロ Cyber Terror
  • 誘拐犯を追え Chase the Kidnapper
  • コンパの王様  Party King
  • 遠き地より From Far Away
  • 爆走屋台 Break Out Food Stand
  • ラメ色の流星 Lamé Coloured Meteor
  • 大事なのはコシ It’s All in the Hips
  • ノックの音が What’s that Knock?
  • マックとの再開 Recommencing with Mack
  • 桐生は演技派 Kiryu the Actor
  • ドラゴンマスク再び Dragon Mask Returns
  • 桐生さんじゃないですか? Aren’t You Kiryu-san?
  • 最高の調味料 The Ultimate Seasoning
  • 亜門 Amon

*”For Haruka” is a translation I just kinda made that still somewhat captures the right feeling of the Japanese title. It’s hard to translate what it says in Japanese to an easy literal English equivalent. Basically, the meaning is Kiryu putting in similar feeling, thought, etc towards helping the girl Haruka because she shares the same name with Kiryu’s basically adopted daughter Haruka and thus reminds him of her.


天神様、お願い! Please, gods!
Available At:
After start of Ch. 2
Location: Ousebachi (逢瀬橋)
Reward: Awakening Hood (easy to sober from drunkenness)
Experience Points: 1800

Talk to the test taker (dude in glasses) at the bridge. Choose “In that case I’ll do something for you” (なら俺がなんとかしてやろう). This guy wants you to review some answers for a test he’s taking. The questions are often to do with Japanese stuff, so just translating it isn’t much help. That’s why I will also list the answer in Japanese, in red. Look at screen to clarify, there’s no time limit on answering.

1. Solve the Language Problem:
Kanji called “juu”: Tie together the master-servant relationship (シュジュウ関係を結ぶ)
Note: I think it refers to 主従 (Shujuu), which means master and servant.

2. Solve the Math Problem:
Probability of Rolling a 7: 1-in-6 (6分の1)

3. Solve the Japanese History Problem:
Who was killed at the Sakuradamon Incident: Ii Naosuke (井伊直弼)

4. Solve the Physics Problem:
Name of the energy dependant on height: Gravitational Potential Energy (重力による位置エネルギー)
Note: Literally “Positional energy depending on gravity”

5. Solve the English Problem:
Meaning of “Be out of Order”: Broken (壊れている)

After a short time the guy will come back and you will receive your reward. (Whether you answered them all perfectly or got some wrong, the reward is the same. What was the point of answering right, then, you say?! To make Kiryu look smart.)

龍の海鮮丼Seafood Donburi of the Dragon
Available At:
After start of Ch. 2
Location: Chikuzengawa Street North (筑前川北)
Reward: “Seafood Donburi of the Dragon” menu item at Sushizanmai Resturant.
Experience Points: 2000

Talk to the kinda plump man fishing by the river and accept his proposal (which is to fish). He will give you 3 nikumans for bait. If you don’t catch one fish in the river, the substory won’t continue, but he’ll keep giving you nikuman til’ you get it right.

The bars on the right show where fish are. The bar on the left shows the scope of the bait. If bars on the right are inside the range of the bar on the left, you can catch fish. Since this is just a substory, you’ll definitely get fish. To catch ‘em, you throw your line out with X and then wait for the little lure to dip into the water. Then you press X when the prompt appears (the screen says O, but that’s Japan. For NA systems, you press X). From there you just mash X until you get something! Catch a fish and move on to part two of the quest.

Afterwards he’ll ask you to go fishin’ in the sea with him. It’ll become a contest to see who can catch more tuna. Win or lose, you get the same reward.

For the tuna you wanna hurl the line out close to 150m. This is done by pressing X to stop the line going up the distance bar. Once the line is in the water, pull the line bit by bit with R1 until the button prompt comes up and then press X again. This is harder than river fishing.
There will be a tension gauge. If it goes too red, you will lose the fish. If it goes all the way down, you lose the fish. At all times you want to pull the reel (with left stick) in the same direction the fish is moving. Reeling in the fish (R1, R1+R2 for faster reel) brings the meter up. Letting go and maintaining the same direction as the fish brings it down. In dire times pressing L1, which lets the line go a bit, also brings it down, but that makes the fish go farther away. Balancing all these is key. Once the fish is really close to show, like 1m, then press back on the left stick to lift the reel and get the fish (or junk) out. It can be long and tedious. Good thing it doesn’t matter if you win or lose!

Afterwards, you are free to eat the new food menu. Yay.

Available At: After start of Ch. 2
Location: Chikuzengawa Street South (筑前川南)
Reward: Fortune Prayer Beads (harder to get mixed up with thugs in town)
Experience Points: 2000

(A) If you go to Chikuzengawa Street South you will hear a dog yelp. If you go down the stairs and towards the dogs yelp you will end up in a battle with 3 punks who give 700 exp. You will also get Hifumi Gum, for gambling. You’ll also meet a little girl named Haruka (just like our Haruka!), who ran away from home after a fight with her dad.

(B) Go to the restaurant PortoGa~il(?) and speak to the guy out front. He’s Haruka’s dad. Go back to where you met Haruka. The punks from before will be back with some support. Fight 9 punks for 2100 Exp. You get to fight with Haruka’s dad.

Afterwards, collect your reward.

タクシーS・O・S Taxi S.O.S
Available At:
After start of Ch. 2
Location: 衹園Street (dat first kanji)
Reward: Staminan Royal
Experience Points: 1500

(A) Talk to the man and woman in the parking lot. They mention a taxi with its lights going off. For taxis, this means it’s in emergency.

(B) If you go by the stopped taxi, an event will occur.

(C) Chase the taxi and listen to what the Wandering Man has to say.

(D) Keep going and listen to that man.

(E) If you enter the parking lot here, you will fight the taxi driver for 300 exp. You’ll get your reward afterwards for this easy substory. Turns out there was no emergency, this taxi driver just absentmindedly left his lights on and the reason he was running away so much was because he was scared of you chasing after him. He doesn’t mind having his skull stomped on after hearing Kiryu’s explanation.

サイバーテロ Cyber Terror
Available At:
Ch. 2, after fighting Morinaga and Aizawa (two yakuza bros)
Location: At the taxi place where Kiryu works!
Reward: Staminan Spark
Experience Points: 1500

Talk to Muramatsu (stickler lookin’ guy) at work. Lately his computer has been acting fudged! The boss deducts that it must be cyber terrorism. But first, let’s try to fix it. This mission requires the proper choices to be done correctly. They will be marked in RED.

“First of all…”

  • Hit box -> Hit the box more -> Loop
  • Mash the keys -> Turn off the power -> Loop
  • Pull the cord attached to the box.

If you pick the top two options it just loops until you finally pick the bottom option.

“With that, next is…”

  • Hit the box.
  • Turn off the power.
  • Put the cord back in.

Again, the first two options just loop things. The boss then decides to try his brilliant plan to stop computer problem.

“I wonder if it’s okay not to stop the boss.”

  • Stop him.
  • Don’t stop him.

If you don’t stop him the mission won’t be completed properly. If you stop him then you get the reward.

誘拐犯を追え Chase the Kidnapper
Available At:
Ch. 2, after fighting Morinaga and Aizawa (two yakuza bros)
Location: Chikuzengawa Street (筑前川通り)
Experience Points: 1700

If you talk to the taxi driver (Wada) at the taxi stop, a race battle will commence.

Mission: Chase the Kidnapper’s Car
Opponent: Kidnapper
Difficulty: 3

Catch up to the opponent within the time limit of 2:30 minutes and you’ll win. You’ll lose if you cannot do that or he gets away. You can customize your car to be faster (and win in like a millisecond) at the taxi office (Another Drama).

After the race battle you fight the kidnappers, 3 of them, for no experience points. One of the guys has a 9mm pistol. Beat him first or before the others, and you can take his gun and stash it in your inventory with R2. You’ll get 20,000 Yen for beating them.

コンパの王様  Party King
Available At:
Ch. 2, after fighting Morinaga and Aizawa (two yakuza bros)
*Gotta defeat Kiyokawa in Kiryu’s Another Drama
Location: Ousebashi Street East (逢瀬橋通り東)
Reward: Washcloth of the Calm Mind (Heat Gauge doesn’t go up)
Experience Points: 1900

Walking by in front of Motsunabe Kaede (もつ鍋 楓) will have Kiryu be called out to by Kiyokawa. Pick “I’ll take part in the goukon (a group date type of matchmaking thing).” (合コンに参加する) This requires good answers, which are highlighted in RED.


  • Try rolling the chopsticks.
  • Don’t roll the chopsticks.

“Next? L-let’s see…”

  • “King’s Game!”
  • “We’ll also introduce ourselves.”
  • “Draft beer, please.”

“Alright, let’s give him something to follow with…”

  • “What are your hobbies, Muramatsu-san?”
  • “Say something already!”
  • “What type of girl do you like?”

“Next? Y-yeah…”

  • “Cheque please!”
  • “Talk about true men.”
  • “It’s time for King’s Game!”

“Let’s see…”

  • “Number 2, massage the King’s shoulders.”
  • “Number 3 and Number 4 kiss.”
  • “Number 2 and Number 3 kiss.”

After the goukon, if it was done perfectly, you get the cloth. If it was done okay, you get a Tauriner++. If it was messed up you get nothing.

遠き地より From Far Away
Available At:
Ch. 2, after fighting Morinaga and Aizawa (two yakuza bros)
Location: Nagasu Main Street North (永洲大通り北)
Experience Points: 2500

(A) Talk to the parent and child here. This will start the substory.

(B) Inside your taxi place of work, talk to Wada (和田). When you leave the place again, an event will occur and you will need to separate money to send to each of the 8 kids at Asagao orphanage so they can get themselves Christmas presents. Kiryu, shattering punks’ skulls so he can give presents to the children.

(C) Go to the convenience store ATM (C) and transfer 5000 yen to the youngest kid, Izumi. (Pick the仕送りをする option).
Then 5000 for Shiro.
8000 to Eri.
6000 to Riona.
6000 to Mitsuo.
10,000 to Kouji.
10,000 to Taichi.
Then 20,000 to Ayako (!!). Altogether 70,000 yen for everyone.

Leave the convenience store and you’ll have it completed. So keep 7万 on you to get it all done in one shot!

爆走屋台 Break Out Food Stand
Available At:
Ch. 2, after fighting Morinaga and Aizawa (two yakuza bros)
Location: Meishou Street East (明正通り東)
Reward: 20,000 Yen + Herculean Gloves (Harder for enemies shake out of grabs)
Experience Points: 2000

Talk to the downed guy near the Don Quijote and agree to carry his food stand (屋台の移動を引き受ける).

Mission: Break-out Food Stand
Missions Details: Get to the target point
Time Limit: 2 mins
Difficulty: 3

The food stand has the same controls as a taxi when doing driving missions and furthermore you have to adhere to the rules of the road just like when driving a taxi. Refer to the controls and rules here. If you bring the food stand safely, you will get the money and gear. If you have a lot of errors, you just get the money.

ラメ色の流星 Lamé Coloured Meteor
Available At: Ch. 2, after fighting Morinaga and Aizawa (two yakuza bros)
Location: Fukuhaku Street East (福博通り東)
Reward: 30,000 Yen + Mysterious Pyroxene
Experience Points: 2200

(A) If you pass along Fukuhaku Street East then and event will occur and you’ll hear of the rumour of the Lamé Coloured Meteor (what colour is a Lamé? Purple?).

(B) Pass by Omusubi-mura (おむすび村) on Nagasu Main Street to see an event and meet Nanami. From there you’ll enter a fight against two guys for no experience points. Afterwards there’ll be a conversation event; pickラメ色の流星.

(C) Pass by the front of Kiryu’s work to see another event and pick “I’ll take the challenge.”(挑戦を受ける). Next, a race battle!

Mission: Beat the Lamé Coloured Meteor
Opponent: Lamé Coloured Meteor
Course: 2 laps, Middle Course and Outer Course
Difficulty: 4

To read up on Race Battling, if you haven’t been doing it already, see here. She is pretty high-level, so it’d be wise to get some upgrades for your car. Also, there are three chances to use HEAT actions. Use the one in the middle road (by going between the two side-by-side trucks in the tunnel) in the first lap, then save the other two for the last lap.

When you win, you get 30,000 Yen and the Mysterious Pyroxene. Donate it to the weapons shop!

大事なのはコシ It’s All in the Hips
Available At:
Ch. 2, after fighting Morinaga and Aizawa (two yakuza bros)
Location: Nagasugawa Street South (永洲川通り南)
Experience Points: 1500

If you go into the food stand found here there will be a conversation event. From there, Kiryu helps the store dude run his shop! What follows is the Noodle Maker Dragon Shop mini-game.

This will be covered in the mini-games section, but the main jist is that you make the noodles according to what people say. This mini-game can be done by trial and error and learning the katakana then getting good at hearing what people are saying. Each button’s bar will increase to a certain level of softness for the noodles. If a customer from the Triangle seat asks for 普通 then they want normal/average softness noodles. So you wait until the bar rises to the middle section of the Triangle bar then press Triangle at that time. Or just check mini-games when it’s done.

No matter what, for helping you get 12,000 Yen and you can play the noodle mini-game any time you want from here on for fun and cash.

ノックの音が What’s that Knock?
Available At:
After the start of Ch. 3
Location: Inside Kiryu’s Apartment
Reward: High-grade Platinum
Experience Points: 1500

If you enter Kiryu’s apartment and continue inside, an event will occur (you will hear a knock at the door). If you open the door (ドアを開ける) then a newspaper solicitor will just waltz into your home.

“Can I interest you in our newspaper, I wonder?”

  • Refuse
  • “Sure, why not.”

If you pick to accept their newspaper two times, you will pay out 5000 yen and receive some detergent. You’ll also get the bad end for this substory.

If you refuse, you’ll eventually either have to pick “get out at once” (さっさと出て行け) or “I’ll call the police” (警察を呼ぶぞ) and then the newspaper solicitor will get peeved and fight you. He is worth 300 experience points. Beating him ends the substory and nets you a High-grade Platinum. Donate it to the weapon shop!

マックとの再開 Recommencing with Mack
Available At:
Ch. 3
Location: In front of Kiryu’s apartment
Experience Points: 1200

(A) When you choose to rest in bed during Chapter 3 then leave Kiryu’s apartment you’ll be called by Wada as part of the story, so starting this substory is certain. Afterwards, you’ll meet Mack and listen to him talk about the Revelations.

(B) After you part with Mack, you’ll be called by a guy and start a customer drive mission.

Mission: Skillfully Drive to Lose Sight of Car
Mission Details: Distance Yourself Bit by Bit.
Time Limit: 5 mins
Difficulty: 3

I dunno why it even lists a difficulty. At the first turn, just don’t bother turning and fail on purpose. Done.

Afterwards, you’ll be thanked by the taxi driver of the taxi you were told to follow by the stalker. If you go back to (B) where the stalker was, you’ll have access to the Revelation and a jaw-grindingly awesome new HEAT move.

桐生は演技派 Kiryu the Actor
Available At:
After the start of Ch. 4
Location: Chikuzengawa Street (筑前川通り)
Reward: 100,000 Yen
Experience Points: 2200

Talk to the hurt guy along the river in front of the taxi company and choose “Alright, I’ll take it.” (分かった 引き受けよう)

You’ll be shown to the set where you’ll be shooting a movie. After you memorize the script, you’ll start. If you pick lines that have a nuance different from the script, you’ll have to re-do it, but you won’t get a poor evaluation. You could also choose the Adlib option (different than the script, but still cool) and the crew will like that as well.

Script: “I’ll show you the difference between us, brother.” (ケジメをつけさせてもらうぜ 兄弟)
Adlib: “I’ve come wielding justice, brother.” (仁義を通しにきたぜ 兄弟)

Script: “You’re a vampire, aren’t you?” (ヴァンパイアなんだろ?)

Battle the Actors:
Preferred Order: Slicked-hair Zombie -> Hat Zombie -> Flashy Yellow Jacket Zombie -> Glasses Zombie
Basically starting in order from the right side.

Adlib: “I’ll show your immortal ass a living hell.” (不死身のお前に生き地獄を見せてやるぜ)
Script: “Let’s test to see if you really are immortal.” (お前が本当に不死身か試してやるぜ)

Fight the actors:
When you have HEAT aura, press R2 and enters the Raging Dragon’s Pride mode. Overburst/superpower/Kaio-ken type thing. You don’t have to finish the last guy in this mode, just enter it and beat the zombies as you want.

Script: “What you claimed from father was the false Hazed Moon.” (お前が親父から奪ったのはニセの朧月だった)
Adlib: “Father handed you a phoney sword.” (親父はお前に贋刀つかませたんだ)

Fight the Actor:
Leave him with just enough health to finish him with a HEAT action from the katana.

Adlib: “Go apologize to father in the next world.” (あの世で親父に詫びに行け)
Script: “Father is waiting in hell.” (地獄で親父が待ってるぜ)

And that’s a wrap! If you messed up the action sequences, you get only 70,000 Yen, but still a perfect finish. If you do it all good, 100,000 smackers!

ドラゴンマスク再び Dragon Mask Returns
Available At:
After the start of Ch. 4
Location: Nagasu Main Street South (永洲大通り南)
Reward: 10,000 Yen
Experience Points: 2000

(A) Talk to the slunched over dude all drunk and stuff on Nagasu Main Street South. He’ll get surly and fight you, being worth 300 experience points.

(B) Go to Kiryu’s apartment and check the bag in the back corner to retrieve the DRAGON MASK, which Kiryu used to have a mock wrestling match against one of the orphanage kids back in the day. Choose “Go Immediately” (すぐに行く) to immediately head to the ring and fight the now-sobered wrestler in a comeback match. Again, he is worth 300 experience points. Afterwards, collect your cash.

桐生さんじゃないですか? Aren’t You Kiryu-san?
Available At:
After the start of Ch. 4
Location: Fukuhaku Street West (福博通り西)
Experience Points: 2500

(A) If you talk to the taxi driver (Muramatsu) near the save point on Fukuhaku Street West, Yuuya from Stardust will come talk to Kiryu. Kiryu plays like he doesn’t know him as to not lose his Suzuki identity, poor guy. You get some conversation options.

Yuuya doesn’t know I’m hiding my identity…!

  • Play dumb
  • Go like you didn’t see hm

I gotta find some way to get through this situation. What’ll I do…

  • Play dumb even more
  • Threaten and chase him off

No matter what you pick, it all ends up the same. Yuuya later realizes something was up and takes you to Westo where he talks about starting life anew in Fukuoka like Kiryu has. Afterwards, if you walk around a bit, a mail will come from Yuuya.

(B) Talk to Yuuya in front of Nagasu Main Street South’s La Seine cabaret club, where he is apparently working. After, go away from the place for a bit and the ? symbol will return in front of the store again. If you go talk to Yuuya again, some Yakuzas will show up about protection money which nobody likes so you fight ‘em. 6 guys worth 1200 Experience points. After that, you’re done.

最高の調味料 The Ultimate Seasoning
Available At:
Final Part: After Start of Ch. 1
Location: Kamuruchou, Nakamichi Street
Experience Points: 3000

(A) If you enter Café Alps you’ll be treated to a scene. Talk to the manager. If you finished all of Tatsuya’s Original Menu gourmet training, then you can continue, if not you gotta finish that first. To do that you gotta wait until you become Akiyama in Kamurocho and head to the Yakiniku place to unlock the final menu item.

Once all the Original Menu quest stuff is done with, a call will come from Tatsuya’s dumb face and he’ll agree to help out Café Alps with a new menu item.

(B) Head to Theater Square and talk to Tatsuya. An event will automatically occur where he creates a new dish for Café Alps and goes on about some corny stuff nobody cares about because he’s Tatsuya. You can now eat Ultimate Napolitan at Café Alps.

亜門 Amon
Available At:
Final Part, Final Chapter (All other 77 Substories must be completed)
Location: Kumurochou, Tenkaichi Street
Reward: Amon’s Sunglasses
Experience Points:

Once you complete everyone’s substories besides Kiryu’s last (77 in total) a man in a black suit will appear in front of New Selena, the bar everyone always ends up in every game ever.

(A) If you talk to the mysterious man in front of New Selena, you’ll receive the Letter from Amon.

Once you’ve prepared each main character, talk to the Mysterious Man in the back of New Selena and select “I’m ready” (準備はできた).

With each character you’ll have to defeat each Amon. Unfortunately no Amon dance battle with Haruka. Beat the 4 Amons to complete this substory. Congrats, that’s the last in the game! You’ll get Amon’s Sunglasses as a reward.

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