18 comments on “Rockman X5 (cutscenes) Translated

  1. Much appreciated, thanks! You should of course do whatever you are most interested in, but I can’t deny really wanting to know what the deal is with Zero’s “I hid myself while I tried to repair myself”.

  2. Thank you so very much for this translation!
    Is there any chance you could translate the scenes immediately following the X vs Zero battles? I’m very curious to know what they said in the Japanese versions. Thanks again!

  3. I am curious about one thing if you don’t mind me asking! :3 During the shuttle failure scenario, I’m having a hard time interpreting the meaning of “二人といない”. Is X reiterating that he won’t go unless both he and Zero are there? Or is it a Japanese phrase I’m not privy to? Thanks! 🙂

    • It’s in relation to his friend Zero.
      I wrote it as “my best friend” but making it literal would be like “my friend, who there isn’t two of” (ie., my one-of-a-kind friend, my one true friend, etc)
      Thinking about it “my one true friend” may work just as well in this one, but at the time thought that it was a little harsh on Alia and the others lol
      It’s like 他にはない

      • I see! That is cool! I’m trying to learn translations and whatnot, and I’m using the MMX games to make it fun while kind of using your translations as a template, haha. So I was curious about that one! Thanks for replying!

    • I still get e-mails when a comment comes in though I may not always reply. I am not as active as I should be thanks to Life, but I am going to actually be working on another thing (hopefully doesn’t take too long but it probably will lol).

  4. I had a question about the series of screenshots I posted in this thread here—when Zero is fighting Sigma: https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=29471.140

    I was wondering if a more accurate rendition of Zero’s lines would be “Why am I fighting Sigma again?”, rather than “Why did I fight Sigma again?”.

    Then he has his realization of “oh, I’m dying, so my memory banks are running wild. That’s why I’m
    here again”. At least, that’s how I’m reading the scene.

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