12 comments on “ロックマン&フォルテの取扱説明書

  1. Hello. You miss something. It is incomplete. Rockman’s slide is not finish in Japanese text:

    スライディング  (ロックマンのみ)


    After dot as period. After that is missing.

  2. There is one missing file.. Maybe you have to reread it to make sure everything isn’t missing. I found some more. If you don’t have time then let me know and I can read them and found the errors and paste here for you to correct them, ok ? 🙂

    Question mark :



  3. Please fix them.. Another one in the page 12: questions mark below is missing


  4. Is there a way I can contact you through email ? It is difficult here waiting to get an answer from you.

    I just post in Rockman 8 there. Can you check there please ? You missed CutMan and WoodMan text from Sega Saturn only. I have them and if you want then please answer there. CHEERS!

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