22 comments on “R&F Wonderswan Translation Updated

  1. Where does those came from ? Manual booklet or something ? I know it was found in the internet site but those Japanese text came from where ? I don’t see anywhere on Rockman & Forte game itself.

  2. Thank you again keekiyasan! Do you also take request on other Rockmans’ manual translations? I mean just the story part and maybe some minor details here and there. Because they’re nowhere to be found off the web.

    It could be but I might be wrong. Somebody with the booklet should verify this. But there is also a possibility that it might came from one of those Rockman Books/Magazines or Ads.

    But if this was made up by fan, I apologize for requesting it keekiyasan.

      • I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ll try to gather the Japanese text off the net first (not going to say which one for now), if none then I’ll put the download link of the selected screenshots from the booklets here (and maybe the whole pdf manuals as a separate download link).

  3. I would love to have Rockman & Forte SFC Manual PDF in full Japanese text and English text accurate translation. (Hate GBA ENGLISH manual version translation.. its so bad!)

  4. And I am curious if you can translate accurately for Armed Blue Gunvolt The Anime OVA in script? Its out and it is familiar to Rockman Zero. I can send you a mp4 file for it.

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