6 comments on “刹那の人魚姫~Heart break mermaid~ Lyrics

  1. Hey Keeki. Out of curiosity, I’ve been using your literal translations of the X games as a baseline for my own localizations. I’ve been posting them side by side with the English dialogue for someone’s LP on the Something Awful forums, and I’ve been adapting the Japanese text accordingly so that it would read like a well localized script rather than the kind of script you’d read in subbed anime. This is partially because I worry that the forum members would get the wrong idea of the Japanese text (which I said as much to them), and because I wanted to show them what good localization work looks like (not sure if I flat out said that to them, but I think I pretty heavily implied it in the past).

    Now, to said forum members, I gave you credit for the original translations. In fact, I even said “what I’m doing here are thought-for-thought translations. If you want the literal text, as translated by Keekiyasan, then go here [to your website]”. So you don’t have to worry about me stealing the credit.

    Anyway, with all that said, I was wondering if you would like to look over the localizations I write from now on? That way I can be totally sure that I’m accurately portraying the original text, despite taking a more liberal approach than you. Would that be alright?

    • Hey, that sounds cool. Thank you for liking my straight translations enough to use em! That’s enough to spur me into looking over them again for another proofread.

      I’ve always wanted to try a “proper” localization myself (and plan to do one sometime), but if it’s a game that got an official localization, I’m so familiar with the one we got it’d always be in the back of my mind, skewing the writing. That said, some of them changed things so radically, a different approach may be neat to see.

      So sure, I’ll take a gander. I can understand the challenge in wanting to try to keep original intent/context/whatever while also spicing it up/making it more natural/etc.

      One thing I’m curious though is, why the talk of the X games in a Yakuza song lyric page? Haha 😉

      • Sorry about that. I figured that the more recent the entry, the more likely it would be that you would look at it. I wasn’t sure if you had any kind of “automatic email update” or anything like that.

        Anyway, here’s the link! It was too late for me to do X1, just so you know. I also didn’t do any localization work on X3 since that one already had a competent localization, so I just posted your direct translations for that one.

        But, X2 and Xtreme 1 have already been done, and I just did the Prologue for Xtreme 2. So take a gander, see how I did! (And yes, it took me till the Xtreme section to finally name drop you. I added in a disclaimer in Page 2 to fix that, but still, sorry :P)


  2. And yes, I do realize that that above post was littered with grammatical mistakes. Rest assured, I was not so careless with the actual localization work I did 😛 …

  3. Just in case you didn’t get it, I sent you some stuff to look over in the “Rockman Xtreme 2: Soul Eraser” script section. Just so you know!

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