10 comments on “Rockman X4 Boss Voice Clips

  1. Your wish shall be my command! Here’s ALL the voice clips!

    You wouldn’t mind editing in the battle-banter as well, would you?

  2. Actually, now that I think about it, I have the translations, but I still don’t know which exact voice clips they go with. You wouldn’t mind arranging them in the order presented in the video, would you?

      • Thank you! Btw, I noticed that Iris says “Ikimasu…” as one of her attacks. And from what I see on Jisho.org, it’s one of those vague utterances that have like, 11 different ways to translate it (which is why the line is “Alright, I will do it” in the English version instead of yours).

        So with that in mind, I noticed that one way to translate it is “to do (in a specific way)”. And I also remembered that the regular boss battle theme for Breath of Fire II is called “I’ll do it!”.

        So, would it be correct to say that what Iris is saying there is basically her saying “Alright, I’m ready for you. Here I come”? And if that’s the case, would “I am ready” also be a valid translation? It’s one of those things I’m curious about, since I’m trying to learn Japanese too.

      • Yeah 行きます is very easy to understand and simple, in Japanese. It makes sense thinking from that language’s standpoint, but in English, yeah, there is a fair amount of freedom to what you could make it depending on context, etc. I usually fall back on the same one because that level of freedom is for the actual localization, while I, for the most part, try to make it as “true” as possible to the original script, thus it ends up a bit literal in my stuff.

  3. I see. Cool, glad to know that! I was just thinking that, since it doesn’t seem like Iris actually wanted to kill him (given her later quote about wanting to living WITH HIM in a world of Reploids), and given the way her actress voices that line, phrasing it as “I’m coming [for you]” might get the wrong impression across.

    At least, from a localization standpoint (which I know you’re not focusing on). What do you think?

    • Well, in the context of the story, before the fight she may very well wanted to fight Zero to the death – she was pretty out of her mind. Her other quotes “I’m sorry” hint that she may be apologizing for having to take him on, and asking her bro to protect her also hints that she intends on going full out. It’s not til after she is defeated, dying, that she kinda snaps back into it.

      Her pre-battle dialogue is also indicative of her distress, saying that everything is all messed up. Even after defeat she pleads not for Zero to fight Repliforce, showing she believes in them. She had feelings for Zero, wanted to live with him, but her ultimate allegiance was to her bro and the Repliforce.

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