5 comments on “Rockman X4 Translated JPN Script! (X Side)

    • It’s pretty much quite close and the localization took hardly any drastic liberties ala X2, instead attempting a straight translation. Looking at it now, some areas almost look like I just copied it but with less fancy words – which is about the main extent of what the localization team did, and most will/should do, which is to make a more smoother/natural English equivalent (I aim for a bit more literal to better highlight such changes, but even I sometimes choose something if it just sounds too weird in English).

      One small yet significant difference:

      The talk between Sigma and General has General nearly agreeing with Sigma’s sentiment with his “perhaps” while he was much more adamant and dismissive in the Japanese version. Perhaps this was done by the English team to more smoothly bridge this scene with his coup announcement, I dunno.

  1. Good work. Don’t be faster. Just make it as accurate as possible. Take your time. Can’t wait for Rockman 8 for Roll’s side and stuff. 😀

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