4 comments on “Rockman 8 OP 『ELECTRICAL COMMUNICATION』 Lyrics + Translation

  1. I am confused.. Why do you use this VIDEO ???? What is wrong with this video ? I like this video better than your video. Is this song came from this video, right ? Is this one ? Please correct it because I AM VERY CONFUSED!

    Is this video for Electrical Communication translation ??? Here:

    • The one I posted it the full version of the song, the actual opening only uses 1/3rd of the song.
      As every one who’s played the game has seen the opening, and liked the song, I’m sure they want to hear the full thing.
      The lyrics and song are the same.
      Thanks for the actual OP though for anyone who wants to watch it!

  2. Oh, I understand. It is the video I posted previously. Thanks! keep up the good work. Don’t forgot Roll’s shop translation as weak.

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