8 comments on “Rockman 8 Script Differences!

  1. Check my message over there for Rockman 8. And I wonder if you translated Sega Saturn for CutMan and WoodMan that doesn’t existed in PSX version ? 🙂 What about Dr. Light’s lab translation with Roll in it ?

    • I will be adding the Cut/Wood and the pre-battle dialogue later; for those I’ll play the game (i dunno if they multiple voice clips like in X4, but in any case).

      The Item Shop isn’t very exciting but maybe that can be added too because the script was overall pretty short

      Thanks for the Japanese scripts by the way!

  2. Awesome!

    You should add Item Shop as bonus.. It would be fun, pretty please ?

    No, Cut/Wood doesn’t have a multiple voice clips so you don’t need to worry about that.

    You’re welcome. I can’t wait for them to be finished. 🙂

  3. You should translated the awesome song for an Opening here:

    Sorry, I used the iPhone but you can deleted an m in the link for desktop only.

    Thanks and cant wait. Cheers!

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