3 comments on “Yakuza 0: The Promised Place PV

  1. The phrase “To Live is to Never Run Away” is near identical to a line in the Yakuza 1 song Receive You that goes “to live is to not run away”. I’m sure that was intentional on their part.

    If it’s not too much trouble (I say, knowing that translation work is always a lot of trouble) could you translate the lyrics for Yakuza Ishin’s karaokes when you have the time? It’d probably be really hard to make “Kokyo ni nishiki wo kazaru besshi” sound natural when translated though.

    • Yeah, I could’ve easily translated it as such, so I’m sure it’s deliberate.

      I was actually already thinking of doing Ishin’s songs! You’re right, some might be a bit tougher than normal songs, but it’s something I plan to do. Once 0 hits, probs do them as well.

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